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It Is All About Me, Isn’t It? A Twitter Tale and Rant

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I am becoming more and more disappointed in the news coverage of both the right and the left television mass media. Not disappointed like The Orangeman is disappointed. He is only disappointed in those who don’t share an appreciation of his brilliance. The Chosen One might want to practice a bit of tolerance. Since that is not possible, moving on …

Terrible things have happened in the Bahamas, property damage and loss of life have yet to be tallied. Those items are news. Here is what is not news. A man is interviewed who was with his wife during the time she died. He then escaped rising floodwaters and swam next door as he answered earlier pleas for rescue by a neighbor, one also found dead. Not News is the interviewer question, “How did you feel?”

At the same time, the same broadcast, meteorologists were reporting that the Hurricane Dorian might not slam into Florida directly. It was no longer a Category Five hurricane and would not test the limits of the imagination of the Meteorologist in Chief, a person who knows more about meteorology, not to mention non-existent climate change, than any scientist. I was listening to the tone of the Weathermen (not a political group this time), and it seemed that there was almost jealousy that the US Mainland would not suffer equal devastation. It gets worse.

Just in case listener emotion did not respond to the loss of human life or material destruction, this just in. Florida has set up evacuation centers that are pet-friendly. Will animal rights activists respond positively? Although they might, think about this. Such centers are not there for the animals; they are there for pet owners and their peace (“piece” might be applicable) of mind. Further, there was a short follow up story about the hurricane danger to the eggs of sea turtles. I am waiting on a Presidential Tweet on turtle eggs.

Of course, we want to save people, provide for animals (pet and otherwise), and prevent property damage as much as possible. I have a sense that news media, in general, wallow in grief as they look for stories that attract viewers. This effort is a “me first; I am the most important” choice made by news program moguls, a choice that shapes narrow views and serves as a distraction from significant stuff. This is something that does not tee the Trumpster off. He reacts predictably by pursuing his very own Green Campaign.

There was news of lesser importance. Boris Johnson decided to dissolve Parliament. Parliament decided it didn’t want to be dissolved; they would instead dissolve Boris. While the political parties bicker over whether a Brexit deadline should be pursued, no news source pointed out that whether they ask or not, the EU has repeatedly said there would be no negotiations. Hubris again, what Britain wants, without regard to the desires of a coalition of 27 countries, is important. Do they have turtle eggs?

And the Amazon is burning. Women and children (nobody cares about the men, check this out when you hear the news reporting) are fleeing for their lives. Many might go to pet-friendly evacuation centers. Or not.

As I looked at this week’s photo prompt, I thought of point of view (POV). It is not all about me. It is not all about “us” (a defined social, economic, ethnic, or gender class over another). There might be something else out there. Whether it is for good or evil is the subject of my twitter tale.

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Twittering Tales #152 – 3 September 2019


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Wish You Were Here…

When Agent Smith mysteriously disappeared, he left a coded message. Authorities knew his daughter had learned to read code. Agents brought her in.

After a few moments, Hanna burst into laughter.

“What does it say?”

“Dad’s on vacation. He’ll see you in a month…’bout time dad!”

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My Story:

Stories of Unicorns, Dragons, Fairies filled my youth. Mom said stories were not real; there were dark forces. Technology developed. New stories became horror stories. If I could communicate, I could help. Now, I can. I cracked the code; I can send a message. “Dear Irthlings ..”

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1 thought on “It Is All About Me, Isn’t It? A Twitter Tale and Rant

  1. It is disgusting, alarming and sad the stuff that makes it to the headlines, each media outlet jockeying for our attention while tiptoeing around Jaba the trump and his minions. We have become desensitized to what is happening resigning ourselves to the idea that imploding is normal. Children are dying…the earth is on fire…governments are crumbling…meh…tell me more about how xyz plan will cost me only pennies on the dollar and pay my funeral costs when I’m gone so my loved one’s (who are hoping for an inheritance) don’t have to be burdened by my passing. As always Ron, your rants are great food for thought…peace brother! 😊

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