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Parallelism 2 — Name That Leader

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What an amazing fit for character description!

“He also had an amazing instinct for what forces could be mobilized at all and did not allow prevailing trends to deceive him. The period of his entry into politics was wholly dominated by the liberal bourgeois system. But he grasped the latent oppositions to it and by bold and wayward combinations seized upon these factors and incorporated them into his program. His conduct seemed foolish to political minds, and for years the arrogant Zeitgeist did not take him seriously. The mockery he earned was justified by his appearance, his rhetorical flights, and the theatrical atmosphere he deliberately created. Yet in a manner difficult to describe he always stood above his banal and dull-witted aspects. One particular source of his strength lay in his ability to build castles in the air with an intrepid and acute rationality.” {Fest, Joachim. Hitler (p. 4) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.}

My comments:

Just sit back and enjoy the quote. Except for the parenthetical note where I source my quote, who am I writing about?



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