An Exemplary Title for a Novel

The Meaning of Us by Carol Ervin is Book Eight of the Mountain Woman Series. It is not necessary to read the books in order

Moppet to the Rescue

I listened to an audiobook The Christmas Hirelings written by Mary Elizabeth Braddon and narrated by Richard Armitage and was completely impressed on three levels.

Lucas is Awesome

Madhouse by Miguel Estrada is a 58-page short story available for USD 0.00 as a purchase (not KU) from Amazon. The very short story will

Go Ask Alice

It is Time + One for Twittering Tale # 114. Time + One because I am a day late. December has been a month of

What’s in a Name?

The Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer by Demeza Carlton are truly scary because they are so horrible as fragments. Caitlin’s nightmares always end with an abrupt

White Walkers Are Coming

I am fascinated in a very lazy way by Game of Thrones. Despite loving to read, I have not read, nor am I willing to

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