The Long Goodbye

This struck me with such emotion that I was no good for writing the rest of the day. A bit unfortunate since I was writing to a deadline. The original post

Kat Myrman is always good so when she excels, there is a power you don’t want to stand in the way of. As my mind reflected on her words, I was led to this

Sure, it is a book trailer, but it seemed to complement what I was reading in the following:


A True Mystery-I Don’t Know What This Is About

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Key by Kathryn Wise is a super-spy story that some may consider a “007” type novel. Unlike novels by Ian Fleming, this novel, and presumably others in the series, include a presence of creatures from another world. This is Book One in the series and I could not define what this “other world” was or its function in the story. This first novel is available in a boxed set of three novels. There is a Book Four which is available as a stand-alone novel. Because my impression of this novel was one of astonishment at how poorly it was written, I went immediately to the Amazon page to get an idea of what the follow-on novels might be about and to see what other reviews had to report. I believe I have only checked prior reviews first three times in several hundred reviews. I don’t want to be influenced by other reviews before writing mine. I rarely look at other reviews unless mine is so far out of alignment with others. Even then, if I look at other reviews, I do it after I read and post mine. This novel required a shift in my usual practice.

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UBUD Readers and Writers Festival

Hotel Bali in Ubud by wendysaputra11 at Pixabay

Today I want to focus not on a book review but on a festival dedicated to Writers and Readers (note the pretentious caps) held annually in Ubud, just a stone’s throw away from Bali, Indonesia. Writers looking for another networking link, avid readers who like to be in the company of other avid readers, autograph seekers, and people (not from Indonesia) who have money and time to burn should consider this highly entertaining five-day diversion from routine. Of course, this is a nice event for Indonesian people and gives Indonesian authors a chance to shine. But the event is not one price for all. Forgetting about airfare for a moment, there are lower event prices for Indonesian nationals, students, foreign residents of Indonesia, and other specially designated groups. Google “UBUD” in conjunction with Writers and Readers Festival and you can sign up for a newsletter that may arrive in your inbox fortnightly up to the event.