For Charlottesville…

I really like to avoid the immediate visceral reactions to “breaking news” but this has (apologies in advance)”trumped” the North Korea/US chaos-in-the-making. A problem created at home, there will be no appeals to the Chinese, Putin, or the UN. It is not fake news and cannot be answered with hyperbole and empty twitter rants. It is time for children to be reined in or grow up fast.

like mercury colliding...

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A Morality Tale, Good for the Kids

An Arabian Night: Nazin’s Dream by Garon Whited is a very short (17 pages) story which was selected by OnlineBookClub as its Book of the Day for 29 January 2017. It is a free download for everyone from Amazon, no Kindle Unlimited subscription required.

Nazin was a poet and suffered what may be a poet’s disease, he was in love. The love of his life, Jezira Shadda, was also in love but her great love was gold. When Nazin had it, she loved Nazin; when he didn’t, she moved on to other clientele. Nazin had never really had any gold of his own, it all came from moneylenders. When demands for repayment came, Nazin had no way to repay them. His day job as a beggar wasn’t going to pay the bills. He could do nothing else but beg due to his ceaseless pining for Jezira.

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No Time for Bullies

Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro by Frankie B. Rabbit with illustrations by Lou Francis Isip is designed for children from kindergarten up to age eight. The theme is anti-bullying. It is very attractive and eye-catching in its illustrations. The language used to convey the message is similar to a rap style. I believe rap is a subset of poetry. My university students are required to take a class in poetry and I think this work is a good illustration of a type of poetry. There is an added bonus for my students in that many of them go on to be teachers of English to young learners. This book can serve multiple purposes.

Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro (Anti-Bullying Books for Children, Self-Esteem Books, Age 3 – 8)

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