A Comfortable Detective Story

The Lost by Ari Rose is short story #10 in a Jill Hunter private investigator series. She started out as a police officer but at this point in the series, she is a private investigator. Each of the short stories takes on a different type of crime or social issue. This story is the first in a three-part set that sells on Amazon for free. That is not a KU subscription deal, it is an outright sale for free.

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Unrealistic Premise

In The Disappearance: A Jill Hunter Short #13, we find that Rory, computer hacker and partner to Jill, has disappeared. Jill thought it was an argument over the milk but we are at a point 24% into the story where we find out Rory has been kidnapped by someone. Jill had been planning to change her life entirely, close her business, and travel until she got the anonymous phone call that said Rory was in trouble. She had almost made a huge mistake about the “why” of Rory’s disappearance.

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Who Cares About Liam?

From the beginning of the novel, the cover, The Breaking of Liam Glass by Charles Harris presents an unrelenting series of double (maybe triple) meanings along with wry, dark, and tongue-in-cheek humorous observations on daily life. It is not just that daily life is humdrum, boring routine; it is a set of circumstances that we have to get through. Jason reflects on great truths such as these as he seeks a break-out story that he can use in his career as a tabloid journalist. He needs to find something that will allow his career to soar. So far his lot has been to report the mundane while employed on what might be called a D-list tabloid. He aspires to international recognition on a well-known and widely circulated A (or at least B) publication. His reflections tend to the grandiose “For every great prophet whose chariot rose into the heavens there were a thousand little people who got crushed under the wheels.” (p. 338). Jason wanted to be that prophet.

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A Small Sacrifice

From the Prequel: A New Beginning straight The Cult: Part Two: A Jill Hunter Short #9, there were bound to be some problems. I am sure that reading these short stories in the order prescribed by the author is the way to go. For example, I can’t say I was surprised by the presence of the love interest, Rory, but it seems we are almost back to the prequel except this time it is Rory who is about to walk out. Also, this is a continuation of Short #8. But short #8 is in a boxed set that costs money. This one, #9, was free on the Amazon site.

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The Devil Made Me Do It

I wanted to read Electus Per Deus by Bianca Pheasant just to figure out what the title meant. Natalie was a type of missionary. She hadn’t started out that way. While studying law she became enthralled with missionary work that rescued followers of the occult. Soon she became too busy to complete her law studies and instead devoted herself completely to the church. Now, the church was threatened; there had even been bomb threats. Natalie felt personally threatened. Blood found on a window to her room confirmed she was targeted.

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A Good Story Idea But Needs Editing


Blindsight by Nj Paige (yep, the two letter first part of the name is sometimes listed as two capitals, sometimes as noted here) is a prologue to the Maxi Brown series. The first book of the series is available as a pre-order with a delivery date of 30 Sep 2017. This prequel is available on Amazon for USD 0.99 or free through KU but I got it free through Instafreebie. Based on my read of this prequel I will not read Book One of the series. In general, I encourage the use of KU to read prequels. KU offers longer selections than Amazon free samples; I am more able to avoid accidental purchases. A download through KU is also a verified purchase which I believe supports authors.

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Snowed In With Death by Ruby Loren is described as a Holly Winter mystery. I received it from Instafreebie through an author mailing list but it also available for the purchase price of FREE from Amazon. Seven detectives are scheduled to be at a resort for a detective convention. Holly is not one of the detectives but she is a detective groupie and she has won a contest by which she was invited as a guest observer at the convention. Struggling to get to the convention through a blinding snowstorm and arriving at the resort to face immediate isolation from the outside world gave Holly a feeling of uneasiness. Given that all the detectives would in turn experience either death or near death, Holly will probably rethink further convention invitations.

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