Who Loves Bruno?

Look Fast or Die Slow by David Six is the second book in the Bruno & Salvanian series. The first one, In the Time It Takes to Blink impressed me so much that I decided not to read this one right away. The pace of the first book was so fast and dense with action that I wanted to put some space between books one and two. It is a bit like not wanting to read a book of jokes from beginning to end, the edge is just not there; as a reader I become jaded. Coming back to this novel after a breather was good. In my opinion, this book is just as great as the first one. There is one huge coincidence which I will not describe that I am sure will annoy some readers as being too much of a … coincidence. I had no problem with it. This is one of the few novels to which I give five Amazon stars.

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Colorful Extreme Descriptive Vocabulary

In order to cut to the chase early: WARNING, Extremely explicit and gory.
Don’t waste your time, although that did not stop me from writing the following rant.

Shawcross Letters has an important subtitle: My Journey Into The Mind Of Evil by John Paul Fay (and Brian Whitney). Brian Whitney is the author of this publication. John Paul Fay is a narrator and commentator. Fay is a commentator when revealing the content of letters written by Arthur Shawcross, an actual serial killer who died in 2008. Fay acts as a narrator when he describes his own struggles with life. Incarcerated Shawcross has been described as evil personified. A serial killer with a fondness for cooking and eating various victim body parts, Shawcross never meets Fay except through letters. If evil personified means the person is a unique representation of evil, Fay would disagree. Fay describes Shawcross as almost a soulmate. It seems as if Fay is saying that he would be Shawcross if only he (Fay) were braver. For now, Fay claims to be able to sublimate the same evil acts described by Shawcross in letters into Fay’s own writings with this book.

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Death Is Inconvenient

Love, Death, and Other Inconveniences put together by Tobias Wade is a collection of thirty-four unusual depictions of what is stated in the title. Multiple authors contributed to this 381-page collection. Author’s contributions vary in number, some contributed one story, many contributed four. This review is long because I couldn’t help making a comment about each story as I read it. I tried to make sure not to write any spoilers. Some comments are about content, some are about the author’s writing and some are sarcastic. Some comments won’t make sense unless you have read the story. I found all enjoyable; I couldn’t find a waste of time anywhere among the stories.

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Butterflies Are Not Free

There is a lot to like in The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison. I first liked the simplicity yet expressiveness of the cover (at least in the Kindle selection I read.) There is a butterfly, the novel’s name, and the author’s name. There are no blaring font announcements that this is a thrilling psychological thriller (that will leave you gasping). No promises that it is a page-turner. Just a good presentation. But it is one of the best psychological thrillers I have read. There are surprises; it will leave a reader turning pages quickly and it will appeal to fans of a TV series “Lie to Me.”

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Organ Harvest

Nine, Ten … Never Sleep Again by Willow Rose is book number five in the Rebekka Frank series, the last book in a five-volume boxed set. I liked this one best and was looking forward to reading other series by this talented author. At the end of this volume, I found, however, that there are two other volumes in the Rebekka Frank series. Volume five ended in such a satisfactory manner that I can’t imagine what further horrible things could take place in the life of Rebekka Franck. She has had enough unusual serial killer events for five “ordinary” people. What more could possibly happen to her? A visit to Amazon free samples gave me the answer and I am sure I will soon read the other two books in the series.

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An Artist With Taste

Willow Rose’s fourth book in the Rebekka Franck series Seven, Eight … Gonne Stay Up Late adds another dimension to the mystery of where Rebekka Frank’s life is going. At the end of book three, Five, Six …Grab Your Crucifix, at a point just prior to the Epilogue, there was an event that was almost an aside to the story. Rebekka answered a knock on the door to find Peter, ex-husband, but someone Rebekka could still be attracted to if Peter could get over war-imposed trauma. Daughter Julie also wanted her dad back. Rebekka’s dad even liked Peter. This made for an awkward situation as Rebekka was sleeping with, and thought she was in love with, Sune, her photographer colleague. Even though I ignore and gloss over romantic contexts that appear in novels of killing, horror, and mayhem, I wanted to see how this would work out.

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Don’t Cross A Girl with Glowing Green Eyes

Five, Six … Grab Your Crucifix is the third novel in the five-novel boxed set of Rebekka Franck, crusading journalist series. Not that Rebekka wanted to be seen as a crusading journalist, but she had been through two experiences of solving serial killer mysteries. The first novel was about revenge for childhood crimes when one of the children returned as an adult to exact vengeance. The second novel was a peripheral victim whose loved one had suffered botched medical experiments and he wanted to make them pay. This novel also involves multiple killings but in the setting or a cult. Was it a religious cult? Ostensibly, but the practices of religious leaders from this cult veer far from the path of normality. The cult emphasizes pain, torture and associated weird sex. Not that cult leaders had to suffer, except in their early initiation, but the greater mass of followers suffered constantly … and they liked it.

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