A Picture is Worth … (AK)

Dark City by Catherine Lee is a free book I received through the author’s website. There was no monetary incentive given to write this review but I think it’s good to review a book the author has provided for free.

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The Way You Intend

Check out this blog. The 16 year old writer expresses his feelings on a variety of topics. Those writers wealthy beyond imagination will find his post on taxing the wealthy particularly interesting.

Does this guy have a future as a writer? You bet.



This is, quite possibly, one of the most important activity one must master. To translate is not to merely convert words or phrases from one language to the other. Translation is much broader than that; it is about perception.

The objective of translation is to attain understanding, and there is a difference between knowing and understanding. You may know what a person is doing, but you may not understand it.

“Where were you?”

“I was on the moon.”

If this reply to the question was given by an astronaut, then people would be congratulating him. If it was given by a person with any other occupation, it is likely to be consider sarcastic and annoying.

The context, the person, the tone, the expression, all these factor into the translation of a message.

We may perform certain actions with a positive intent, with the aim to be polite or…

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Who is #1001?

Girl From Above by Pippa DaCosta is a complex well-written science fiction fantasy about relationships between humans and “synths” (synthetic humans). There is space exploration, rogues who have few redeeming qualities, a mysterious insurgent identity known as the “Nine,” a controlling military identity (the “Fleet) and an overall powerful umbrella organization (Chitech) headed by a mysterious Chinese businessman. All of these introduced Book #1 of a planned series, “The 1000 Revolution.”

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How NOT to Publish a Novel

CIA Assassin and Other Stories by Benson Grayson is an incredibly poorly prepared book to appear in a Kindle edition. It is sold on Amazon at USD 0.99 and is only the second novel I will return to Amazon for a refund in the five years I have been with Amazon. I will wait for a few days after this post to return the novel in case I hear from the author about this poor review. My Kindle copy is full of highlights about the poor presentation and I want to be able to point out specifics if the author wants to challenge anything of my claims.

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Vote for Mayor Caster

In Devil’s Briar by Amy Cross the reader meets Bill and Paula, a husband and wife team, as they are driving around in a deserted area looking for Devil’s Briar, a settlement that does not appear on current maps. It appeared on early ones as some sort camp but all traces of it are gone on modern maps. There is the possibility that it is an undiscovered ghost town. If Bill can find the remains of the town, his reputation with his professor colleagues will be rejuvenated; there will be funding for a project with his name on it. Paula is doubtful of the town’s existence but feels it is her duty as a wife to support him in what may be a comeback from a career that has been going nowhere. She feels that their marriage mirrors his career and she would just as soon part ways with Bill and pursue her own interests. This is their last chance.

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How Can You Keep Them Down on the Farm …

Oklahoma Exile by Norma Jean Lutz is the story of a City Girl forced by events to adapt to the life of a Country Girl. The larger conflict is whether she will succeed in doing this while at the same time retaining the identity of Serena. The reader knows immediately that Serena City Girl has a disdain for a country lifestyle. Serena is polite about this and the larger conflict is expressed and takes place largely within Serena herself. Only a very perceptive relative or friend could detect this conflict.

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Mom Is A Witch

Cecelia and her two daughters, Summer and Winter, moved into a “new” house in the insular community of Mistwood. They had fled from Opalton to start a new life for Dylan, Rain, and Teddy, the children of Summer and Winter. They had gotten the farm at a cheap, almost unbelievably low price. Arriving at the “new place, they could see why. The extensive fire damage made the place almost unlivable. That it needed cleaning was an understatement. Cecelia wanted them to use traditional cleaning methods to make the house livable while concealing their magic powers but a rock through their window and a message on their windshield let them know they might as well use magic. It seems the community knew the witches had arrived.

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