Keep Your Friends Close and …

The Cabin by Amy Cross is a 171-page horror novel published in November 2015 and available from Amazon at the low price of USD 0.99 or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. For Anna, it begins as a story of renewed friendship with Marit, a friend who has invited her to see the “real” Norway. Anna, along with Marit and her friends Jennifer, Joe, Daniel, and Christian will spend several days in a cabin that is remote from everything and everywhere else. Marit serves a valuable service as an interpreter for Anna. Anna has zero knowledge of English. Except for Marit, the others feel free to turn their English off and on depending on their moods. Marit, as Anna’s close friend, appears to accept her role as an interpreter as an obligation to her friend.

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All the Worlds Fit to Print

The Printer From Hell by Amy Cross is a 150-page story about (refer to the title). Published in June 2016, it was on sale for USD 0.99 from Amazon or it can be downloaded for even less with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I chose to read this book because of the author. Amy Cross writes good stuff IF this is a category you like. Gore and violence abound. Since she has written more than 100 paranormal, horror, and fantasy novels, there must be a bunch of readers that share my interest.

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Audition for an Oscar

Oscar’s Night by Matt Shaw is a self-described extreme novella on the Amazon book page. People familiar with Matt Shaw’s writings will not be surprised by this; readers expect it. Looking at the cover, the very top line above the author’s name are the words “Horror’s Darkest Imagination.” The bottom line has the words “A Psychological Horror,” (there seems to be a word missing but that is quibbling). Somewhere close to the middle of the cover are the words “Some Scenes May Disturb.” I look at this as three warnings, especially the one with the word “disturb.” If some of the stuff in this 57-page extreme novella does not disturb, the reader may want to return his dictionary to a shop for a definition adjustment. There is outrageous material here. I have abandoned reads that have gone as far as this as completely useless in terms of entertainment or message.

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Not So Scary Stories

Short Scary Stories by Bruce Savage is a 98-page collection of short stories available for USD 0.99 from Amazon. I feel comfortable investing such a small amount for what could be an entertaining collection of short stories. I am looking for short reads to encourage others to develop an interest in reading. Now, on to see if my investment was justified.

A spoiler alert of the review, not of the short story: If you are a student in one of my classes, proceed to my last paragraph which is followed by a final sentence. See if you come up with the same conclusion I did as far as numbers.

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Where’s the Police

Police Horror Stories by David Curtis first runs into problems with its cover. It is somewhat deceptive. I wanted to read this 57-page collection because as an ex-cop I thought I would learn something new. Incidents I saw on the job were gruesome and sometimes hard to believe but “Disturbing Ghost Stories, Hauntings & Paranormal stories” (the subtitle) were never in my experience as a cop. I was curious. And the following is how my curiosity was rewarded (or unrewarded).

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Short Story Writers Take Note

A Human Stain by Kelly Robson is a 37-page horror novelette (novella?) with a unique writing style. Helen is a companion recruited by Barchen Lambrecht, a person we can assume to be one of the dissolute hanger-on nobility types. Lambrecht has a castle or at least an almost castle. A few more turrets might fulfill the requirements of the definition. Peter, a child who is Lambrecht’s ward lives in the castle with a nanny and two other servants. But Lambrecht needs something more for young Peter, he needs a governess who can also teach Peter things like reading, writing, and languages. Peter might be six or seven years old; he has yet to learn the order of the alphabet.

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Udderly Terrifying

Cows! by Matt Shaw is a short 43-page horror story, something you can read with your morning coffee if you want to start your day from a rather different starting line. The title tells the story of the threat. Cows are going to do some horrible and terrible things to whatever hero figures we have. The question is: Why will they do it? What has caused cows to go rogue?

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