Young Person Angst

The Compulsive Move by Phillip Cornell looks and reads like a writer’s first attempt at publication. There is a good idea for the story. The organization of the presentation is well done. Background stories characters supply are credible and show the author’s familiarity with his character’s background information. What remains are a few problems that are easy to fix but are distracting to a reader.

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Feminism, Painting, and Photography

Journey With A Collection Of Portraits by Kathleen Notman is a remarkable story told by the artist of her life as an artist in a field where many authoritative figures regarded her work as trivial and not true art. By combining photography with painting, she managed to offend traditionalists in both artistic communities. Notman created a collection of portraits, “’20th CENTURY WOMAN,” over a ten-year period. She describes her creations as photographs of physical reality combined with paintings of emotions. Emotions were depicted through a creative use of color and shapes. The resulting portraits were of women she had met and had social interaction with. In a unique twist, the model she used for all the women, Cressida, was herself. She did not say or advertise this but it came out when she distributed the paintings.

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Androids need Love Too

Welcome to the Madhouse by S. E. Sasaki is a medical, science fiction, fantasy, romance novel. It was selected as a Book of the Day by and was available for free on Amazon. Not Kindle Unlimited (KU) but free. That is a lot of mix of genre. There is also a mystery but it has a lighter emphasis that doesn’t really qualify the novel as a fit for the genre mystery.

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Focus: Degrees of Separation

Six Out Of Five: The Marc Richard Box Set by Marc Richard is a boxed set of six published works. It is available on Amazon in the form of a box set for USD 9.99. It is available as the single novel on Amazon for USD 6.99. I received a request from the author for a review of the boxed set and didn’t feel I had the time to review it. I agreed to read the selection reviewed here. I received no compensation in any form for the review. Degrees of Separation is so interesting I recommend readers at least download the free sample from Amazon. Give it a chance, you will be surprised.

I have no idea of why the title of the collection is phrased this way. The title of the collection was the first thing to puzzle me. The first tale, Degrees of Separation,  has 47 chapters and, having read it completely, I am going to let readers know how I should have read it. There is a difference between how I read it and how I should have read it. This selection requires some reader participation to make sense of the 47 chapters. It requires a plan, an approach. And even then complete understanding will not be yours. But you will have fun.

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No Time for Bullies

Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro by Frankie B. Rabbit with illustrations by Lou Francis Isip is designed for children from kindergarten up to age eight. The theme is anti-bullying. It is very attractive and eye-catching in its illustrations. The language used to convey the message is similar to a rap style. I believe rap is a subset of poetry. My university students are required to take a class in poetry and I think this work is a good illustration of a type of poetry. There is an added bonus for my students in that many of them go on to be teachers of English to young learners. This book can serve multiple purposes.

Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro (Anti-Bullying Books for Children, Self-Esteem Books, Age 3 – 8)

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Romance at the Olympics

For the Win by Rochelle Allison and Angel Lawson is the type of book I would never have chosen to read without some prompting. It was chosen as the Book of the Day by OnlineBookClub for 18 January 2017 and I needed to read a sample of it and provide reviewer comments in order to enter a raffle the site operates. I was pleasantly surprised at how interested I became in the book because 1) I don’t care for sports, 2) the Olympic Games and associated television coverage bore me, and 3) I don’t care for romance novels. For me, this book was negative in all ways as far as why I select something to read. So I was surprised that after reading the sample I continued reading to the end of the book.

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Five Short Stories with Surprise Endings

This collection of short stories A Sting In The Tale by Matt Shaw contains five short stories in a total of 88 pages. Carry it around on you reading device. It will “speak” to you when the folks you were to meet earlier won’t. Books are more punctual than people. As is my usual practice, I will comment on each of the five stories.

A Sting in the Tale: A Collection of Short Stories

A Mother’s Love Jade Velasquez couldn’t understand why her son didn’t want to eat. She had fixed his favorite food. Not only did he not want to eat, he claimed Nuggets were his favorite food, a claim Jade knew was false. Her husband, Esslee would be home soon. Maybe he could help. And he could also explain why he had called more than 25 times. She had ignored the calls; whatever he wanted to say he could tell her when he got home for dinner, just as he did every night.

Esslee arrived home but he was no help with Aidan. All he seemed to want was to take Aidan outside to play ball. He should really eat first; the food would get cold. She had worked hard to prepare food for husband Esslee and son Aidan. But who was going to feed the police officers who had arrived so suddenly and noisily?

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