It Is More Than Making Dinner

The Stellar Life of a Superhero Wife by Joynell Schulz doesn’t appear on Amazon. What does appear is The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives, a 316 page novel by the same author. The story I am commenting on here measures 718 locations on Kindle which might be 30 pages. It gives readers a sample of the authors writing style and an example of short stories available through Instafreebies.

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Magic and Mayhem is a sampler collection of short stories by Julianne Q Johnson. I found each of the stories superior to the usual offering of teasers. Proof of this is that based on my reading of these I will find and read the author’s longer works.

The Animal A girl is running through a forest pursued by a beast. She is able to cast some spells which she knows are a bit immature but if they slow the beast down and she keeps running she may be able to escape. Every spell she tries seems to slow the beast but the inevitability of her capture seems certain. Until she remembers one final trick. And her mother’s bothersome boyfriend will bother her no more. But there are consequences.

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A Part of A Hell Of A Story

I downloaded Dinners with Satan by Lou Sopher from the author’s website through Instafreebie. I probably would not have selected the download if I had seen the tag “the first five chapters.” I consider this a weakness of the Instafreebie site. Perhaps I should blame the author website. The subordinate annotations, almost subtitles, are not always visible and led me to download something I would not have if more complete information about the novel were visible. Nevertheless, the books are free and fulfill my goal of finding something my students can acquire without irritating import fees.

It is time for readers of this post to go ahead and pronounce the author name. Along with the book’s cover, how could I resist selecting this to read?

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That Funny Feeling …

As I get back into the daily blog routine after a somewhat disastrous trip to Thailand to obtain a visa for my continued stay in Indonesia, I want to take a few posts to remark on and review some work I am finding on authors’ mailing lists. My initial take is there are a lot of Independents putting work out through mailing lists and sites such as INSTAFREEBIE. I think that makes the authors automatically interesting and innovative. Yes, there might be dross, but I bet there is a lot of good stuff. And I am about to find out.

The Chans by Em Shotwell is a short story probably written to get readers interested in the author’s Blackbird Series. This short story (38 pages) sells for USD0.99 through Amazon. It has had seven favorable reviews. The first one mentions that this prequel is available for free. I missed the opportunity to get it free from Amazon but got it free anyway from the author’s mailing list.

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Some People Are Not Picky Eaters

Breakfast Is Severed by TyCobbsTeeth is a short story which serves as a prequel teaser for Society for Supper. I know that because it is so stated on the first page I opened. I am happy. It is so annoying to read something that is billed as a short story, which I take to mean a complete short story with a conclusion, and then find out I actually only read a teaser. I’ll probably buy Society for Supper for that reason alone.

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