Two Good Stories Out of Seven

Pathological: Collected Short Reads of Sex, Lies, and Murder! By Vincent Zandri is a collection of seven short stories. The stories might be an advertisement for the author’s longer novels. If so, this is an advertisement that didn’t do the job. According to the author’s bio, he has written twenty-five novels. They may be very good. In this collection of seven short stories only two, see below, encourage me to read more of the author’s work.

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Grief and Guilt

Cod Beck by Glenn McGoldrick is a collection of three short stories that McGoldrick labeled “dark.” Readers should watch out for time shifts in each of these stories. Perhaps due to Kindle formatting, I got confused in the first story when the time would jump forward by a few days or weeks. As I continued to read, I knew what to look for but sometimes the paragraph breaks were almost hidden.

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Death Is Inconvenient

Love, Death, and Other Inconveniences put together by Tobias Wade is a collection of thirty-four unusual depictions of what is stated in the title. Multiple authors contributed to this 381-page collection. Author’s contributions vary in number, some contributed one story, many contributed four. This review is long because I couldn’t help making a comment about each story as I read it. I tried to make sure not to write any spoilers. Some comments are about content, some are about the author’s writing and some are sarcastic. Some comments won’t make sense unless you have read the story. I found all enjoyable; I couldn’t find a waste of time anywhere among the stories.

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