Focus: Degrees of Separation

Six Out Of Five: The Marc Richard Box Set by Marc Richard is a boxed set of six published works. It is available on Amazon in the form of a box set for USD 9.99. It is available as the single novel on Amazon for USD 6.99. I received a request from the author for a review of the boxed set and didn’t feel I had the time to review it. I agreed to read the selection reviewed here. I received no compensation in any form for the review. Degrees of Separation is so interesting I recommend readers at least download the free sample from Amazon. Give it a chance, you will be surprised.

I have no idea of why the title of the collection is phrased this way. The title of the collection was the first thing to puzzle me. The first tale, Degrees of Separation,  has 47 chapters and, having read it completely, I am going to let readers know how I should have read it. There is a difference between how I read it and how I should have read it. This selection requires some reader participation to make sense of the 47 chapters. It requires a plan, an approach. And even then complete understanding will not be yours. But you will have fun.

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Total Weirdness with Warnings

I like flash fiction. By its nature, all flash fiction is not created alike but this collection takes weirdness to some new levels. So, I will start out with some warnings. To say the least, this is some adult stuff. But I want to quote warnings from the work itself.

From the Introduction:

“This is not a story collection with any underpinning narrative. These are syringes filled with words. Fumbles in the dark with a stranger. This is a collection you can open up to a random page in order to hook yourself up with a quick fix of fun. Grab a tasty treat between meals. A quickie in the staff-room on your lunch-break. Maybe have just one more for the road. You know you want to.

Flash Me!: The Sinthology (Kindle Locations 91-95). Solarcide. Kindle Edition.

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Six word story: Muffled

Despair over what? Being Muffled? Not reaching a goal? Having her picture inadvertently taken at a place where she shouldn’t have been? This is what makes the six-word story fun.


Image result for muffled

Her hands hid screams of despair.

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Books for Free (almost)

A Reading Resource

Library Thing Early Reviewer Program

Library Thing Member Giveaway Program

This is an administrative post which I will recommend my students read about a way to get free books from Library Thing. Readers can join the Library Thing Member Giveaway Program and get free books in return for a review. In the Member Giveaway Program, the authors send you books for free. You can get hardcopy books, but watch out if you live outside the US (as I do). Import taxes on books coming into Indonesia are unbelievably high; it is just not worth it. Books are provided by the author in other formats: eBooks, mobi (Kindle), and audiobooks, to name a few. With this program you are requested to provide a review, but you do not have to. It seems sort of logical to me that if you do not provide reviews, you will not receive further offers.

Another program is the Library Thing Early Reviewer Program. Books are provided by the publisher, not the author. The reader is expected to provide a review. If you accept one of these books and do not provide a review, you will not receive more books from this program, although you might still receive books from the program above.

Each month two lists are published on the Library Thing website. I don’t count, but there are probably at least one hundred books of all genre offered for review. You choose which ones you want to bid on (receive to review). I typically ask for four on Early Reviewer list and ten on the Member Giveaway list. I typically “win” two from the first list and six from the second. Although I read them within the month, there is not a time limit on the second list; for the Early Reviewer Program, it is a couple of months.

Joining the program is free. On your personal library site you can have up to 200 books. If you have more than 200 books (I do) there are additional requirements.

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge

Here is a fun thing to do. It just shows you more (words) is not always better. Have fun while reading the responses to this.

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

Challenge open Saturday 18th June 2016 – Friday 24th June 2016

Welcome to the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge.

For those who have never dropped by before a new prompt is posted every Saturday morning at 9am GMT for you to interpret in any way the muse grabs you.

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