It Is A Dog’s Life

Wait for the Light by Erin Adams has three identifiable stories. The first is about the life of an assistant to a celebrity. A reader is exposed to the complexities of this kind of life which I equate to the life of a freelancer or entrepreneur, a person living by wits in the hope of a sustainable income. I liked this story. The second story relates to alcohol and drug dependency. There are several good glimpses into the life of several characters’ addictions. Some are real, and thus painful. Some are fake with an agenda loosely related to dependency. I liked these stories. The third is about animal rights, specifically dogs. I found this third story overdone and I did not empathize with characters at this stage. Readers who emulate some of the actions described could be seriously hurt physically. There is also a legal ethics question. As might be guessed, I didn’t like this third story.

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Reuniting the Pandas

One of the attractions of The Chief’s Runaway Bride by Bijou Li is the insights it gives to daily living in a country as vast and underdeveloped as China. China is a rapidly developing country but this story takes place in 1942 at a time when there was a war in progress with the Japanese and a revolution in progress led by Mao Tse Tung. Marriage was the best time-tested and true way to stabilize shifting loyalties between factions and tribes. That is the situation Magnolia found herself in when she learned that Zhaxi, chief of the Mosuo tribe, had selected her to be his wife. Her father surprised her by saying that he could do nothing. If she did not marry the chief, the entire family fortune and social standing would suffer.

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Surprise Siblings

The Attic by Greg Meritt is a short story I was offered after I had downloaded The Adoption by the same author. At 369 pages, The Adoption will take me longer to read than this short story.

Sandra Jennings returned home for the funeral of her mom. After a two-week time for grieving, it was time for the cleanup activities. Unemployed and unmarried, Sandra had been chosen by her brother and sister as a person who was doing nothing else anyway to go through her mother’s belongings. Sandra hadn’t been in the attic for over twenty years.

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