Dangers Aboard Ship

Sixty-Four Days by Malcolm Torres is a short story of the sea. The main story takes up 64% of the e-pub. It is followed by a sneak preview of Sailors Take Warning. This is a sampler for the works of Malcolm Torres, not truly a short story. Readers won’t find a true conclusion to either story; there are conclusions to two “incidents,” one in each story, but these incidents could not take place in isolation. Readers will have questions.

I found the writing completely fascinating and will be looking for other, expanded writing by this author. Part of the fascination for me is that the lives of US Navy sailors are completely new to me as is the description of the capabilities of Navy ships depicted. One is an unidentified aircraft carrier, the other is the USS Nimitz. Therefore, I predict that these stories will not only attract Navy veterans but readers such as myself, novices to maritime life but attracted to innovative descriptive writing.

Read this, it’s good.

German Influence On US Elections

Beneath the Rock by Tommy Birk begins in Germany. It is almost the end of the Second World War and the Germans know they are losing but some of them believe there is life after the Third Reich. Gunther Balbach works for SS Major Hans Peiper. Their unit captures a group of Americans and has no plans to keep them prisoner. Major Peiper intends to execute them. One of the Americans, Ernie Balbach, turns out to be a distant cousin of Gunther. Gunther decides to aid Ernie in an escape attempt so that he can surrender to Ernie and the two of them can deliver information to the Americans about the postwar plans of several Nazis. The plans envision the building of a Great Reich throughout the world and achieving world domination through economic and political means while using military means sparingly for enforcement of new rules.

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