45 is an Unlucky Number

With the exception of Kat Myrman’sTwittering tales once a week, I am not a fan of reblogging the work of others. I especially resist material that mentions the Travesty in Chief currently disguising himself as a member of the human race. (NOTE: “himself” is used here as correct with a deferential nod to the political correctness people. Anybody want to demand inclusion in the trainwreck to which “he” belongs)?

This Ode points out the warts that surface as temporary occupants of the house in the swamp interpret their role while exercising great power. It might even encourage some to look back in history and see how people, like us, reacted at the time and tried to cope with an imperfect system. Those were different times, unlike now when people, like us, are apathetic and willing to accept all kinds of public indecencies; physical, ethical, and moral.

White House in Wonderland

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House by Omarosa Manigault Newman is…

Senior Woes

Whether you agreed with it or not, in the US a mandatory program called Obama care or the Affordable Health Care Act landed on the US population and gave us another example of chaos in planning. Then the Destroyer in Chief ascended with a mission to erase any program initiated and signed with the initial “O.” The end result is … no end. We are left with a percolating puddle of porridge that nourishes no one. In the rush to the benefit table, slower ones lose out; the very young, the very old, those with pre-existing conditions. My submission for this week’s Twittering Tale concerns one of those groups.

Twenty-four bloggers/writers contributed to last week’s tale. Kat collected them in her round-up post. Go to her site to read some interesting posts provoked by the picture of a (possible) well. From the round up you can also follow links to interesting blogs. As with last week, I reposted Kat’s instructions, her picture prompt, and her submission. I followed all of that with my post.

Join in, have fun, discover interesting blogs.

To the Tunnels

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VOTE … Nothing More To Say

Kat Myrman is a creative artist with words. Many times her work is an appeal for social justice and a…

Wake Up. Vote!

As one of the aging baby boomers referred to in this article, I felt compelled to share this through the…

Stay Selfish, Say No Often, Stay Foolish, Be Mediocre, Prioritise The Beautiful People, Have Enemies, ,

This is one of my latest  blog discoveries. Immediately fell in love with this excellently presented philosophy. The title of…

All Hell the Orange in Chief

This is a repost from https://exjournalistsunite.wordpress.com/2018/08/22/__trashed-2/#like-22975. True, I could have just posted the link and asked folks to click on it but, for your convenience, just scroll down a bit. The link furnished is my way of acknowledging the excellent work below is not mine.
For technical reasons beyond me, and most are, I can’t get a reblog button at the bottom of posts I like to actually reblog. I click, the blue circle spins, I get an acknowledgement of reblog, but nothing ever appears or lands at this site. So, I copy/cut and paste (with credit given).

All the banners below are safe enough for work (SEFW) and should offend none except the hardcore base. You know who you are. I mean the hardcore political base not the other hardcore sites which occupy a majority of the internet. I’m sure any similarity between the two is unintentional.

Just Don’t Say T …

Almost hate to do this because, by the example reblogged here, I’m doing what I promised myself not to do.…

We Have Seen the Future. Be Afraid.

johnhain at Pixabay

Found this on a blog I follow a lot. I was impressed. My “reblog” button gets me nowhere so I end up doing a cut and paste of what I think are relevant parts. For the full effect of this post (with animations and side note annotations) go to

All Hail The Orange King!

Then follow the blog. There are original thoughts that (thankfully) do not dwell on this national travesty.

After their so-called ‘summit’ I realized maybe it wasn’t a joke.