TLT: Wish

The flag says it all. The journey continues.

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Written for three line tales

Exploring is all she wanted to do.

It was what she lived for.

As I dropped the flag onto her coffin I hoped that she would never stop.

Review of ‘Atomic Number Sixty’ by Dave Johnston

This is a note to students in my Literary Appreciation class. I read and reviewed this book elsewhere on this blog. I found this review by an author whose work I like. Note that this is a fast, short, entertaining read.


I was sent a copy of Atomic Number Sixty to review, and accepted because it was a fairly short novel, and had the possibility to be action packed. There were ups and downs in this book for me, but the end was definitely exciting!

Below is my review, plus a sneaky peak at the front cover and description and places to buy:

About The Book

‘Atomic Number Sixty’ by Dave Johnston

Holly Holloway is locked in a dusty room, strapped to a ticking bomb.

What would you do, if you only had one hour left to live?

My Review

Atomic Number Sixty is a thrilling novella that follows Holly in two different times; before and during her time with a bomb strapped to her. The events are unpredictable with a definite climactic ending. The way the chapters are written make you want to keep reading until the end, as they…

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Classic Secrets | PostSecret Reblog

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This is a site I have been following for over five years and I wanted to give it a little publicity here. There are some mind-stopping observations from everyday people. And if some of them are from creative writers, that is OK too. It’s all good.

TLT: Empty promise

This is all too true in my area of the world. Couldn’t resist reblogging it.


three line tales week 36 servicephoto by Mike Wilson – click here for bigger version
The swaying sign promised so much.
However, the darkness below it made it a lie.
Nobody ever answered the calls.
Written for three line tales

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