It Gets Better

And it’s time for another Twittering Tale. Or maybe I am just late. The New Year has crashed in at high speed and time seems a bit compressed. I didn’t even have time for creating resolutions I could break so I guess I am saving time by going straight to the inevitable conclusions. To make up for it, I made a resolution this morning before thinking about my Twittering Tale.

I resolved not to comment on the TrumpSwamp. When you read my contribution below, try not to think that I was personifying the negative qualities I listed in my predictive cocktail. I was not thinking of the Faux Tan Orange One. Of course, by writing this I broke my resolution. See what I mean? Unlike the brew below, resolutions and I are a hopeless mix.

Hold the (Party) Line! A Twittering Tale

It is a placid if not yet happy New Year and I am looking forward to being bored. I know it can’t last for long but with the latest government shutdown, I save a lot of time by not listening to the news. I only listen to the one headline per day: “The government has been shut down for (X) number of days.” I can then turn off the news because there is nothing else important. Yes, there are important things going on in the world outside our borders but as Donny the Grinch says, he is only here to make America grate again. And he is doing that. To do that, the chief needs to mobilize all our resources.

Even Santa Can Get It Wrong

We can’t let the season go without a a Twittering Tale. The tales in Kat’s Roundup (note the bold instruction below) are much more than the tales told by …. well … you know …(Grinch in Chief). Go to her website for all the stories submitted last week. Meet new Bloggers! Have Fun! Tis the season and all that.

Not Merry for Everybody

It seems that recently all our formerly trusted icons have been damaged to the extent that “what you see is not what you get.” Don’t believe what you see. Don’t believe what you hear, even if the audio and video evidence is openly available. This is a paraphrase of what I have heard somewhere; they are not my words. I forget quite where I heard them but some readers or listeners may have had similar nightmares dreams experiences.

So my submission this week is about jolly old guys in red suits who may have taken inappropriate actions in the workplace. It was bound to happen. Making toys for every child in the world for 364 days only to give them all away on day number 365 and then begin again. The stress!

Go Ask Alice

It is Time + One for Twittering Tale # 114. Time + One because I am a day late. December…

White Walkers Are Coming

I am fascinated in a very lazy way by Game of Thrones. Despite loving to read, I have not read, nor am I willing to read, any of the George Martin books. I do listen to the audiobooks. And I binge watch the seasons on HBO On Demand. I am a fan. So, for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales, here is a repost of instructions for participants, her post, and my submission. Go to her website to read the posts for last week. Lots of blogs to discover. And give it a try so people can follow your cool thoughts.

Senior Woes

Whether you agreed with it or not, in the US a mandatory program called Obama care or the Affordable Health Care Act landed on the US population and gave us another example of chaos in planning. Then the Destroyer in Chief ascended with a mission to erase any program initiated and signed with the initial “O.” The end result is … no end. We are left with a percolating puddle of porridge that nourishes no one. In the rush to the benefit table, slower ones lose out; the very young, the very old, those with pre-existing conditions. My submission for this week’s Twittering Tale concerns one of those groups.

Twenty-four bloggers/writers contributed to last week’s tale. Kat collected them in her round-up post. Go to her site to read some interesting posts provoked by the picture of a (possible) well. From the round up you can also follow links to interesting blogs. As with last week, I reposted Kat’s instructions, her picture prompt, and her submission. I followed all of that with my post.

Join in, have fun, discover interesting blogs.

To the Tunnels

Go to this address to read several stories from the previous week’s twittering tales. Discover new blogs and fun reading…

Don’t Feel Sheepish

It’s the weekend and time for a bit of creativity that could not be expressed in classes last week.  Wait…

Twitter Tale 101

Just in case the Muse stops by (leave breadcrumbs, it works) ask for her inspiration for reaction to the picture…