Only the Lonely

Just past the table of contents page on what might be called the title page of the short story Leviathan by Saul Tanpepper we see this: “a short story about the end of the world.” There is something appealing to me about the contrast in the phrase. This short story was published in 2016 and was free through Instafreebies and the author’s newsletter. On the Amazon site, it costs USD 0.99. The tale produces its own kind of horror, particularly for those who are concerned about the steady deterioration of our planet as manifested in the steadily growing extinction of a number of species. In this case, what is extinct is (almost) all forms of animal life. As Father, or Hunter, said to Child (no name) “You don’t know the taste of flesh, he once told me. You don’t understand the sweetness of meat, why we hunted them all, down to the very last one.” (Kindle location 93-94).

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A Homeless Life

A Stain on the Street by Ric Rae is a short story I received free through Instafreebie and the author’s mailing list. It is a very short story and this will be a very short review.

Readers will not know the name of the narrator but we can call him “Captain.” That is what other street people call him when they give him money or food. Sometimes they laugh at him with sarcasm but he still appreciates the identification. It is important to have some gimmick to serve as ID on the street.

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What’s in the Box?

Meat by Bones Monroe has a strange, frightening, attractive cover. The author name could be a pseudonym, maybe not but it goes along with the cover. The combination attracts readers like me who favor horror and thriller books. What did I actually find? A benevolent “terminator.” You will have to read the entire short story to find out how I interpreted this. You may disagree. At 50 pages and at a price of USD 0.00 (not Kindle Unlimited) it is an easy investment and an interesting time filler. The surprise is (and this is not a spoiler) the horror is almost not there. The “almost” is because there might be a few snippets the reader will think it is gross or yucky but the overall content is very tame. I was surprised.

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Brenda Winds Jacque Up

Curious Goods: Jack-in-the-Box by Bones Monroe is story number four in the Curious Goods series. I purchased the book for USD 0.99 on Amazon although I could have read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. My KU queue was full and the annoyance of shuffling my books around was not worth USD 0.99. All the stories in the series are short and, to me, all are impressive. After posting this review I will spend time reading the other short stories in the series.

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A Short Story Surprise with Clever Wording

Bum Steer by Bones Monroe is a short story of only about 23 pages. I am not sure of an actual page count because I only have a location number to go by. The story is not listed on the Amazon page, at least as of the date of this review. I received the book by clicking on a link at the end of another Bones Monroe book so this one may not be available to all unless they travel the same route I did, that of reading another work by the same author. This is a 2016 publication according to the author copyright page.

There is no link or cover available for this short story.

This story looks like a serial murder case. Janelle has disappeared, but not for long. Her headless corpse was found near Mr. Barric’s home. All of a sudden the other ladies, friends of Janelle, Gertrude, Maude, and Amina, recall that there have been several disappearances recently. In each case, Mr. Barric had helped their friend move. And none of the girls heard from their relocated friends again.

This is a clever story; some might say cute. There is a surprise ending. After you get to the ending, read the story again for the small clues that reveal the problem. The re-read is more fun than the initial read because the reader knows things and can concentrate on the clever way Monroe tells the story. And the story is short, so you have time.

If this can be considered a horror story, it is the most SFW (as opposed to the ever popular NSFW) story in the history of horror stories.

I definitely recommend this for the YA crowd. It’s fun for big kids too.

A Collection of Garon Whited Stories

Dragonhunt, a short story, was chosen as Book of the Day by I am participating in an activity on that site which leads me to read and comment on their choice. This is the second day a Garon Whited story has been chosen and I decided to go to his author page on Amazon to see what else he has written. He has written long novels and several short stories. For the short stories, they are either completely free on Amazon or they are available through Kindle Unlimited. For today’s review, I will look at three of the short stories. All were available to me at no cost through either KU or as a free download.

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A Morality Tale, Good for the Kids

An Arabian Night: Nazin’s Dream by Garon Whited is a very short (17 pages) story which was selected by OnlineBookClub as its Book of the Day for 29 January 2017. It is a free download for everyone from Amazon, no Kindle Unlimited subscription required.

Nazin was a poet and suffered what may be a poet’s disease, he was in love. The love of his life, Jezira Shadda, was also in love but her great love was gold. When Nazin had it, she loved Nazin; when he didn’t, she moved on to other clientele. Nazin had never really had any gold of his own, it all came from moneylenders. When demands for repayment came, Nazin had no way to repay them. His day job as a beggar wasn’t going to pay the bills. He could do nothing else but beg due to his ceaseless pining for Jezira.

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