It Is More Than Making Dinner

The Stellar Life of a Superhero Wife by Joynell Schulz doesn’t appear on Amazon. What does appear is The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives, a 316 page novel by the same author. The story I am commenting on here measures 718 locations on Kindle which might be 30 pages. It gives readers a sample of the authors writing style and an example of short stories available through Instafreebies.

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Three Tales of Magic

Three quick fantasy stories to give the reader a taste of another world. That is how author Joynell Schultz describes her 2017 published Quick Escape: Fantasy Tales.

Bitten Alex loved dogs and was surprised that one he was trying to pet bit him. There was blood. Mom didn’t scream that much, she just calmly tried to treat the wound. But she had recognized the bite of the werewolf from experiences in years past. She couldn’t stop the change Alex would go through but she could minimize damage. She may have been able to manage things if a strange man hadn’t appeared with a claim to ownership of Alex. Mom and Alex had to run; Mom had to protect the child she loved. There is a surprise ending I didn’t see coming.

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Morals or Ethics

A New Beginning by Ari Rose is a short prequel to the Jill Hunter Series. I got the prequel through Instafreebies. This was followed up by an email where the author detailed plans for the series. I then visited the Amazon site to find out more about what was happening with this author. There are box sets of three short stories each. This prequel is not included. The three short story sets sell for USD 2.99, the single stories sell for USD 1.99, and for some reason Story 9, Story 13, and the box set containing Stories 10,11, and 12 are free. I am a fan of short stories and I love the price. On to the stories.

This prequel does what it is supposed to do; introduce the reader to Jill Hunter. She is a homicide detective who is worried about her appearance and about getting old. She is even more worried about living with a criminal. It doesn’t feel morally right and it is definitely ethically wrong. True, Rory wasn’t a hardcore criminal; with his computer hacking, he fits more into the white collar crime category. But crime was crime and increasing tension between the two led to a breakup. This was unfortunate because Rory knew about Jill’s latest case, a serial killer and rapist who specialized in victimizing escorts. He offered to help Jill. She assumed the moral high ground, refused his help, and left him. And then something happened.

It was time to rethink priorities.

Just Horsing Around

The Very Worst Riding School In The World by Lucinda E. Clarke is a short (27 Pages) non-fiction account of an almost love affair between the author and horses. It is available free from Amazon and probably qualifies to be listed in the category “chapbook.” The very catchy title attracted my interest as did the author’s opening declaration best described in her own words. “Who, in their right mind would start a riding school when they didn’t know how to ride, was terrified of horses, had no capital, no insurance and half the stock was at death’s door?” (loc 25-26). This short account might be of interest to young adult readers (or any readers) who have entertained the idea of owning horses, whether for commercial reasons or not, and have really not thought through completely the pitfalls that such ownership might encounter.

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Coffee and Poetry Combinations

As I was trolling through my WordPress Reader looking at all the great stuff posted by my favorite bloggers, I came across this term: “chapbooks.” I had no idea what that meant. Off to Amazon search. I discovered a bunch of creative things that should go great with coffee as I opened up my office and prepared for “office hours.” Unlike some of my colleagues who looked at office hours as a waste of time, I considered the time well spent and encouraged students during my regular classes to just come in for a chat. Their English would improve with the practice and I could find out interesting stuff about the Indonesian culture. They might even tell me about police traffic surprise inspections so I could return home at the lowest possible cost. My search at Amazon turned up some amazing stuff. Like the following.

At 23 pages Coffee Thoughts by Amy Hill is “a small collection of poems about love and coffee” (Amazon page description) and is a perfect book to go with coffee … almost. It actually took me three cups of coffee to get through it. The poetry was soooo thought provoking and good that the first two cups of coffee got cold.

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Magic and Mayhem is a sampler collection of short stories by Julianne Q Johnson. I found each of the stories superior to the usual offering of teasers. Proof of this is that based on my reading of these I will find and read the author’s longer works.

The Animal A girl is running through a forest pursued by a beast. She is able to cast some spells which she knows are a bit immature but if they slow the beast down and she keeps running she may be able to escape. Every spell she tries seems to slow the beast but the inevitability of her capture seems certain. Until she remembers one final trick. And her mother’s bothersome boyfriend will bother her no more. But there are consequences.

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A New Look at CYA

In an earlier post, I mentioned that some readers don’t pay too much attention to book covers. I believe that to be the case with Temp Girl by Stephanie Bond. Her cover with cool tag line invites a reader’s interest. Then there is the other side of the coin. I received an alert from Brendan Detzner about the publication of this short story (it wasn’t described as a short story in the alert). I have been entertained by Detzner writings for a long time and, even more important, they spurred my son’s interest in reading. With a title like Hot Chicks Infected With Stomach Parasites, there was no way I was not going to read it and then post some comments. A provocative title like this dares the reader to ignore it. (Yep, I know about the earlier double negative. Dare to break the rules).

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