A Collection of Garon Whited Stories

Dragonhunt, a short story, was chosen as Book of the Day by OnlineBookClub.org. I am participating in an activity on that site which leads me to read and comment on their choice. This is the second day a Garon Whited story has been chosen and I decided to go to his author page on Amazon to see what else he has written. He has written long novels and several short stories. For the short stories, they are either completely free on Amazon or they are available through Kindle Unlimited. For today’s review, I will look at three of the short stories. All were available to me at no cost through either KU or as a free download.

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A Morality Tale, Good for the Kids

An Arabian Night: Nazin’s Dream by Garon Whited is a very short (17 pages) story which was selected by OnlineBookClub as its Book of the Day for 29 January 2017. It is a free download for everyone from Amazon, no Kindle Unlimited subscription required.

Nazin was a poet and suffered what may be a poet’s disease, he was in love. The love of his life, Jezira Shadda, was also in love but her great love was gold. When Nazin had it, she loved Nazin; when he didn’t, she moved on to other clientele. Nazin had never really had any gold of his own, it all came from moneylenders. When demands for repayment came, Nazin had no way to repay them. His day job as a beggar wasn’t going to pay the bills. He could do nothing else but beg due to his ceaseless pining for Jezira.

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Sometimes Children Aren’t Grateful

Daddy’s Little Girl by Julie Frost is a short zombie tale. The story is short, not the zombies. The cover is interesting. These are the words a reader will encounter on the cover. “Daddy’s Little Girl Digital Horror Fiction Short Story by Julie Frost A Largely Deceased Short Story.” This is a very busy cover for such a short, 25-page story. I thought I had discovered a new genre, but no, Digital Horror Fiction is the name of the publishing house; it is repeated at the bottom of the cover. It is free as a Kindle Unlimited download and, at 25 pages, it should not crowd your KU download limit of ten books at any one time.

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Why Is Laura So Smug?

This short psychological horror tale, 1:15 by Jacob Rayne is approximately 27 pages long and is a great use of a Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription.

Terri dreams a lot and her dreams are the type that comes with a warning you see on television. Her dreams are not for young people. In fact, she is worried that she kills young people; that is what one of her recent dreams was about. The boy dies first, then the man who arrived and expressed disapproval of her actions. Then she wakes up.

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A Frustrated Doctor

This review is in response to a request by the author. I received no compensation, neither money nor a free book, for the review. I consider very short stories as reading prompts for students who are not overly fond of reading. Those interested in the genre horror would be interested in this selection.

The Surgeon In The Woods by Jamie C. Pritchard is a very short 16-page story of a medical school student who couldn’t make it. He was very bright and entered his first medical school having already memorized most of the textbooks in his final year of high school. Initially, his professors loved the intelligence and diligence displayed by the new student. Class colleagues were at first annoyed as he always took center stage in each class. Professors became less happy with him as he began to challenge them on every topic. Professor Fenwick, his head teacher and mentor, defended him as much as possible but eventually concurred with others that he had overstayed his welcome at Chulton; he was not a team player. He was kicked out.

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Twists and Turns

Monkey with a Twist by Paul Westley is a collection of twenty-eight short stories which first appeared on the Amazon website Write On, a website which encourages writers to share their works-in-progress. Participants and followers of the website are invited to offer constructive criticism at various stages of the writing process. I have been looking for short works that will not discourage learners of English as a foreign language. Learners of any additional language can become quickly discouraged when they meet large tracts of material replete with unfamiliar vocabulary. Most of the short stories in this collection are 500 words; some have as many as 1000.

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Not A Trashy Story

The Trash Collector by Monica Shaughnessy is a very short story. It gives an answer to the question about the real owner of items you discard. Imagine that someone in your family purchased something, such as a sweater, that you hated. You are willing to sacrifice the money spent but you want the sweater out of your house. You wait for a chance to “acquire” the offending item and you put it in a garbage bin just prior to pick up by the city trash collector. Two days later you see a neighbor wearing the sweater. More importantly, your family sees it as well and accuses the neighbor of theft. The neighbor admits taking it from the trash and refuses to return it saying that once discarded the sweater became public property and was available to anyone. Who is right?

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