No Teenager Is An Island

I was surprised that Screams You Hear by James Morris was ranked as #7 in the genre Teen & Young Adult > Horror on the Amazon Kindle website. On the one hand, I suspected as much as I began to read the unusual setting of the novel. It is set on Hemlock Island, population 600, and is told from the perspective of Ruthie Stroud, a teenager. On the other hand, the graphic depictions of horror (but no sex) would get a huge “Censor” stamp from many parents. This may illustrate a point that many parents do not read, at least not enough to monitor what their children read.

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Can There Be more Than One Love?

One Love by Deanna Cabinian is not a coming-of-age novel (IMHO). The coming-of-age novel is One Night also by Deanna Cabinian. The latter takes place in high school; One Love takes place in the university. While we can argue about the maturity of some university student actions, I want to point out that by now the characters are “of-age,” so let’s get on with taking on more responsibility. However, I was delighted to read more adventurous experiences of Hunter Lake. He still had the good sense to ask for advice from his mentor, Elvis. Admittedly, some may argue about the maturity of Johnny, an older mentor, who makes his living as an Elvis impersonator but for Johnny, impersonation is his business.

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Surprise Siblings

The Attic by Greg Meritt is a short story I was offered after I had downloaded The Adoption by the same author. At 369 pages, The Adoption will take me longer to read than this short story.

Sandra Jennings returned home for the funeral of her mom. After a two-week time for grieving, it was time for the cleanup activities. Unemployed and unmarried, Sandra had been chosen by her brother and sister as a person who was doing nothing else anyway to go through her mother’s belongings. Sandra hadn’t been in the attic for over twenty years.

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The Wand Has It

For those that think a cover has little to do with a reader’s selection, I beg to differ. How could I pass up a title like Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother’s Journey? This is like finding a whole new subculture. I found the cover tastefully provocative. No, I won’t explain what that means.

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Samurai Links

I like the discovery possibilities that come with Amazon Samples. Most times they are good value and since I am in one of my positive moods (inspired by this sample) I won’t waste my time (or yours) with going into the negatives. Except for one and it is my fault, not Amazon’s. In a fairly short period of time, my unread samples list rivals my currently-I-am-really-going-to-read-this-next list. To attack this problem, I dedicate my Kindle Paperwhite to (mostly) Sample reading and I’ll leave the lengthy stuff to the Kindle apps on my laptop. Facing strident phone calls from my friendly Yamaha dealer to report for periodic service with my bike, I packed my book reader along with the intent to get through several samples during a lengthy bike service procedure.

Daughter of the Samurai by Etsu Sugimoto made my enforced confinement at the dealership too short. I was amazed that I finished the sample and still had time to return and review several points that provided me new information while making me smile at the skill and adroitness of the author’s expression. This was a great start to the day. I am unfamiliar with Japan, its history, its language and its culture. Anything I know about Japan comes from cursory observations provided by mass media which means that this sample provided a culture shock, although a pleasant one.

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It Is More Than Making Dinner

The Stellar Life of a Superhero Wife by Joynell Schulz doesn’t appear on Amazon. What does appear is The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives, a 316 page novel by the same author. The story I am commenting on here measures 718 locations on Kindle which might be 30 pages. It gives readers a sample of the authors writing style and an example of short stories available through Instafreebies.

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Emotional, Great, but Flawed Read.

Stephen Valley is a freshman in high school. Since 7th grade, he has had a crush on Monica Monroe. Ever since they were lab partners dissecting a frog, when he even let her have the honor of popping out the frog’s eyeballs, Stephen has been looking for ways to overcome his shyness and get to know Monica better. Unbeknownst to him, Monica had a similar crush on Stephen and a similar problem in overcoming her shyness. Now that Stephen’s older brother Jude had shot and killed Monica’s older sister Simone, it looks like the relationship might be going nowhere. And that is without counting the six other students Jude has killed as collateral damage.

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