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Reading at Home: The Pages Start Here

Welcome to my homepage, the landing page that will be in constant development despite the fact that a homepage is supposed to be a static page displaying unchanging information. Most of the information on this page will not change. What will change is the addition of links to different pages on the site as I learn how to construct them. This is not the same the About page. This page will focus on some considerations of trying to encourage an interest in reading in an environment that occasionally actively resists the practice of reading. The About page will focus on my background.

Almost two years ago I began a blog with the aim of writing short (500 to 1000 word) reviews of anything in print. The initial idea was to review novels of about 300 pages, novels that would interest my students of English as a Foreign Language. Reading in a foreign language is difficult; I know this from experience, not from generalized, unsupported opinion. My idea was to write a short review that would interest my students and motivate them to click on the book icon in my post that would lead to the complete book. I posted a review daily. After a few months, I also began to read and review short stories. This had the advantages of less cost to the student and, of course, less of a burden on students to complete the reading.

Displaying a book icon for students to click on leads a blog reader to Amazon. I have an Amazon affiliate account but my purpose was not to become wealthy from Amazon. There is a Kindle Unlimited (KU) program which is reasonably priced for many people. For me, a reader who publishes once per day, the KU program is great. For USD 10.00 per month, I can borrow, read, review, and return almost thirty novels per month. Beyond that, I have discovered many resources that allow free downloads, many of which can be read on the free Kindle application for PC and mobile devices. The idea is to promote reading, not profit, although if people want to throw money at me, I will not litter. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

There are many ways to promote reading. Street signs and business signs can be hilarious. The English of advertising is amusing and appalling. Students who write creatively in class and then participate in peer grading or evaluation learn through both reading and writing. This website will have links to other pages currently under development that will look at reading and writing opportunities outside the narrow focus on book reviews.

Finally, I first thought of this website as a fun thing to do. As a baby boomer, I spend quite a bit of time with my computer savvy children, I can’t survive Windows 10 upgrades without their help. After almost one year of daily blogging, this was becoming work and I had a few months when I didn’t post every day. That was when I had to reset to my default core belief that says everything should be fun or at least have elements of satisfaction. I am now back to daily posts, the variety of stuff on which I comment has expanded and I am having fun again.

I continue to feel I am one of a gang of “an infinite number of primates given infinite time and appropriate resources would eventually write Shakespeare.” Paraphrased of course. I gave up on Shakespeare. I am going to try a website instead.

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