The above is a fairly accurate picture of where I live.

This page is for me to keep track of my meanderings as I study Indonesian. I study a language for fun. Survival is nice but is a secondary concern. Example: If in an Indonesian language class someone presents me with a human skeleton and attempts to teach me the name of each bone, I will redirect my energy to staying awake and will probably learn nothing. On this page, I will note things that amuse me. There are lots of things that amuse me. I have an adventure in Indonesia every day, mostly due to my inability to roll an “R” and my inability to recognize that a speaker is using Bahasa Jawa, another language with which I am unfamiliar while I am trying to say something in Bahasa Indonesia, the national standard language.

So this is another page I could label “Rants” but it is about language, not complaints about political stuff.