Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

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This is me writing Haiku while my PC is in the shop for repairs. You can see I am going completely retro using a quill pen while in my favorite study position (sleeping).

While sleeping and dreaming, here are some of the words crashing around in my dreams. For some reason, they arrive in a Haiku form.

On a Farm in Indonesia

Heavens stay tranquil

The lake shimmers peacefully

Men tend to their farms


Houses start to shake

Earth shrieks as it breaks apart

Chaos engulfs peace

It’s Over

In time beauty fades

All will erode in the end

Ruin will remain


Seawall of calm mind

Typhoon of Fear and Panic

Hatred is the Shame

Screaming in the Wind

Crisis approaches

Man shouts “Cataclysm nears”

Not one heeds the man


Crisis draws nearer

Man claims “the heavens shall fall”

Branded Lunatic


Now in the gallows

Humiliated daily

The man still calls out


The stake waits for him

Man now named the false prophet

Hope fades for mankind

Fights of Nature

Water strikes the earth

The mountain shrieks at the wind

None shall pass this night


Order and balance

Lady Justice and Chaos

Which should be followed?


The forges heart burns

It’s blood the molten metal

It’s body the mold

Pride of Title

Proud tiger walks tall

Never to look down at earth

Hunter aims upward


Men fear the Unknown

Outsider brings salvation

Salvation refused

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