on Instagram: “Take that, Internet!”

It does seem to be cheating by publishing an anti-internet promo, but I liked it.   See this Instagram photo by @grammarly • 1,920 likes Source:

Shadowy Criminal Activity

Shadow Box by Scott Kelly is very definitely an action novel. The action never stops and it is never obvious what is going to happen

Advice to Monsters, Don’t Go Into the Light

“The sinkhole opened up and swallowed Bobby Page’s mother whole.” That is the first line of Sinkhole, a horror novella by Grant Palmquist. After reading

For the Adventurous Traveler

Myanmar or Burma is a mystery for many tourists due to strict controls imposed by the ruling military faction. To go to Myanmar as a

Coma Girl Part 2

Coma Girl: A daily Serial, Part 2 by Stephanie Bond explores the increasing awareness of Marigold about the way her vegetative state is seen by

Coma Girl Part 1

COMA GIRL (Part 1)             by Stephanie Bond is part one in a planned series of six. In my rather chaotic system of organization, I

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