Sleepless Everywhere

Really Great Book Alert!!        Sleep Donation This is advertised as a novella. Amazon suggested a reading time is just over an hour. I am a

How to Kill Blight Rats

The Wind Has Teeth Tonight  by Chuck Wendig is a short story/flash fiction/teaser for other writing. I read anything that is written by Chuck Wendig.

Two Murders, Two Conclusions

In the Clearing by Robert Dugoni gives the reader two crime mysteries in one. There is the murder of a soon-to-be ex-husband by either the

Game on! – Poets Unlimited – Medium

If you compete with me I’ll compete with you And I’ll kick your ass To Timbuktu I may look shy But the game’s brand new

Disturbed Criminals & Disturbed Cops

Brooklyn Heat by D. James Eldon is at times a fast paced crime mystery novel and at times a slow-paced police procedural novel. On balance,

An Altruistic Thief

Thief’s Odyssey by John L. Monk is a story of an unrepentant thief. Actually, he is a proud thief and has few qualms about his

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