An Editing Nightmare

Book Marketing for Authors                         by C. A. Price It is unusual for me to start a review with a quote from the author, but it

Taka, Dalvar, and the Enchanted Forest

Trading with Death is a short story, a time filler for annoying free time; the time created by others who can’t be bothered to be

Books for Free (almost)

A Reading Resource Library Thing Early Reviewer Program Library Thing Member Giveaway Program This is an administrative post which I will recommend my students read

Education Chinese Style

I was prepared to open the book and immediately read about Chinese Education in Singapore. I work at a Chinese university in Indonesia and one

A Mystery Threesome

Forest and Roy are just unlucky crooks. They would probably like to have been conmen, but they didn’t have the education for it. Julie Smith

Who’s Your Daddy? A Medical Mystery

Julia Hamill bought a house contrary to advice, solicited and unsolicited, of others. All she wanted to do was plant a garden. This required some

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