It Is Not Sex, It Is Barbara

At least it is not your everyday male teacher seduces/rapes female student. It is the reverse, sort of. But who seduced who (whom)? After reading

Who Is The Villain?

For those interested in end of the world scenarios and depictions of man’s cruelty to man when personal survival is at stake, this one is

Montezuma’s Other Revenge

A very, very, short story: Montezuma’s Other Revenge                                    by J. Paul Drew This is a very short story, maybe a ten minute read.

Don’t Play in the Sand

Shifting Sands                                                by Wendy C Allen  (EelKat) Per the author, this is one in a series of short tales designed to be read in fifteen

Humor, Erotica, and a Mystery

I received this book through the Library Thing Member Giveaway Program in return for a review. This is one of those “Guess the genre” books.

Who Died at Jack’s House?

Here is a fun read. Sort of a murder mystery. Sort of an identity problem involving lots of clones. No, not “clowns.” That would be

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