NOT Another Vietnam War Book

It only looks like another Vietnam War novel. But this one was written by a Vietnamese. Who lived in the US. But worked as an

Alaska Is More Than A State

This is a very disturbing emotionally provocative book. Meaning it will make you cry. Really! Even if you are a member of Seal Team Six,

More Gore, More Violence

This is for you if you liked Off Season. Lots of Violence, gore, terrible stuff. Just when you want to fill your mind with creepy

This Is A Novella Series

Romance and feminist literature are not genre I usually follow. Gone Girl, Girl on a Train, The Husband’s, yes, but these are exceptions. Every once

Dark, Weird, Sometimes Incomplete

This is a combination book of dark poetry and short stories. I will look at each title in the book rather than a comprehensive comment

It Is Not Sex, It Is Barbara

At least it is not your everyday male teacher seduces/rapes female student. It is the reverse, sort of. But who seduced who (whom)? After reading

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