Swimming Against the Tide

Fighting to Win by Nicole Flockton was selected by OnlineBookClub.org as its Book of the Day on 24 January 2017. It is a short 95-page novel available free on Amazon for anyone. You don’t need a Kindle unlimited subscription. It will be of interest to those interested in romance, the Olympics, sports in general, and competitive swimming.

Readers are probably generally familiar with the idea that big names in sports, including the names attached to Olympic athletes who get medals, get money from sponsors in return for endorsement of their products. Julia and Mitch were both popular with sponsors, Julia for competitive diving, Mitch for competitive swimming. It probably didn’t hurt the image of the sponsors that Julia and Mitch were in love. Julia and Mitch had an add-on effect as a couple for their sponsors. But this was not necessarily a good thing.

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Collection of Horror Short Stories

There are ten selections of poetry in Cellar Door: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror (Volume Two) edited by James Ward Kirk. I downloaded the book for the flash fiction (2 selections) and the 22 short stories. I don’t feel comfortable commenting on poetry but will make comments on other works in the collection.

I found only one of the following stories had mechanical errors annoying enough to comment on. In general, this is a selection of reading snacks to fill in the time when you can’t seriously attack a longer work on your TBR list.

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Crime Non-fiction

Joseph Paul Franklin: The True Story of The Racist Killer by Jack Rosewood & Dwayne Walker is as the title says, a non-fiction crime account. It is available as a free book from Amazon, not through Kindle Unlimited (although you could download it that way) but at a price of USD 0.00. As an ex-law enforcement type, I am drawn to non-fiction crime novels because I like to compare police procedures from different States and Municipalities.

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Book review: Society for supper – TYCobbsTeeth

And this is what the teaser (elsewhere on this page) leads to. I haven’t read Society yet but will read it based on this positive review and my read of the teaser.


Society for Supper

Rather than a post-apocalyptic book, this one is actually set during the apocalypse. There has been a mass drought that has sparked off wildfires that are killing both crops and wildlife. As a result, the stocks of food are running very low.

Society has started to unhinge as people become desperate for food, and this book demonstrates the lengths that people will go to in order to get themselves food.

The book is set around Ben Donnelly who is trying to save his family from the effects of famine and society going mad. You literally feel like a part of the family as you follow this story through all the ups and downs.

The author of this book has made the writing very direct and descriptive. You literally feel like a member of the family watching everything through their eyes. Everything is a constant surprise as the story leads you…

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Some People Are Not Picky Eaters

Breakfast Is Severed by TyCobbsTeeth is a short story which serves as a prequel teaser for Society for Supper. I know that because it is so stated on the first page I opened. I am happy. It is so annoying to read something that is billed as a short story, which I take to mean a complete short story with a conclusion, and then find out I actually only read a teaser. I’ll probably buy Society for Supper for that reason alone.

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Young Person Angst

The Compulsive Move by Phillip Cornell looks and reads like a writer’s first attempt at publication. There is a good idea for the story. The organization of the presentation is well done. Background stories characters supply are credible and show the author’s familiarity with his character’s background information. What remains are a few problems that are easy to fix but are distracting to a reader.

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Feminism, Painting, and Photography

Journey With A Collection Of Portraits by Kathleen Notman is a remarkable story told by the artist of her life as an artist in a field where many authoritative figures regarded her work as trivial and not true art. By combining photography with painting, she managed to offend traditionalists in both artistic communities. Notman created a collection of portraits, “’20th CENTURY WOMAN,” over a ten-year period. She describes her creations as photographs of physical reality combined with paintings of emotions. Emotions were depicted through a creative use of color and shapes. The resulting portraits were of women she had met and had social interaction with. In a unique twist, the model she used for all the women, Cressida, was herself. She did not say or advertise this but it came out when she distributed the paintings.

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