A Psycho Stalker Sex Crime with Humor

Carr is an ex-cop. Not because he wanted to be unemployed but because of the kid he had shot. To atone for this, he constantly seeks places out of public view to apply lit cigarettes to his foot. Other than that he is normal except for a weird sense of humor and acceptance of strange things that happen to him. The dead cat that was thrown through an office window was weird. That he would wander around the office stepping on broken glass for many days after shows the acceptance that Carr has for unexpected events.

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Partners In Crime

Tommy Black and Eddie Creech were bad guys always seeking instant gratification throughout their dysfunctional lives. When they didn’t get it, they would remove the obstructions to their goal; if that block was human, they killed it. This did not go unnoticed by the law, after capture they were sentenced to life in prison. Immediately after sentencing, they were to be transferred to Big Sandy federal prison. Marshals Andy Rolfe and Bill Wallace were tasked with the transport; they wanted to get going immediately so they might arrive at the distant facility before a huge blizzard arrived. Due to a perfect storm type of scenario, snow and drifts would cut off various areas of Kentucky completely; all roads impassable, electrical lines down, no cell phone service. The road to the prison went through mountainous areas of a national forest.

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Advertising Large

Russ, Victor, Harley, and Slake, all ex-convicts, gather to begin work on changing the contents of Big Bertha, a gigantic billboard located in the middle of a field near a highway, but still in the middle of nowhere. As three men ascend to begin the task, Harley stays below with a vehicle and is eaten by a herd of virus-ridden pigs which seems to communicate by some sort of a telepathically transmitted plan that allows the ever increasing herd to act in unison towards a common goal. That goal is to kill, destroy, and eat the three remaining survivors.

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What’s The Price of Fame?

Lucas, also known as Lou at some points in the story, is a true crime writer, although not a very successful one as his career has been dormant for years. Out of the blue he receives a letter from Jeffrey Halcomb, an inmate convicted of cult style killings almost 30 years previously. Jeffrey hasn’t talked to anyone about the gruesome killings but has read previous works by Lucas, liked them, and offers Lucas a deal. Move into my old house within a month and I will talk exclusively to you; Lucas might be famous again.

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It’s a Mongol World Out There

This is not a book about Genghis Khan, but about what happened after his death. The Mongols continued on a path to world domination, secure in the belief that the world would be a better place under Mongol rule. Usually perceived as an unruly bunch of barbarous criminals, this book relates a complex set of rules for all aspects of daily life. The Yasa (rules) prescribed what a person had to do if unfortunate enough to be in a room when a woman died. The same set of rules informed the Mongols of who could kill whom and under what conditions the killing could be done. These life and death decisions were based on tribal affiliation and direct or indirect bloodlines.

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Bury My heart At Wounded Knee

I like to occasionally read novels that I consider to be “the classics.” My version may include inheritances from Greece and Rome, but it also includes books like these. In the near future I will probably binge read from this genre, “the American West.” It’s a break from crime novels, although a reader will find criminal acts.

This is a valuable book for students and researchers to understand and expand knowledge of the history of oppression and, many times, murder that occurred of Native Americans by an ever expanding, manifest destiny driven external population. Although it was primarily White, Caucasians that perpetrated the murders, there were also Dog Soldiers (many of them African American) and even other Native Americans who sought vengeance for tribal rivalries. Despite the mixed group, the leaders and strategists of this near genocidal crusade were predominately White.

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Jodi Arias Redux

This is a book published in 2013. At its conclusion, we do not know what the final verdict will be. We know Jodi Arias was found guilty, but there are two stages left in the process to decide whether she will get the death penalty, life with possibility of parole, or life without the possibility of parole. She was found guilty in 2013 of the murder of Travis Alexander and it took until April of 2015 before the judge was told to make a decision that was not the death penalty; she was sentenced to life without possibility of parole. So, knowing the result of this famous trial, why read the book?

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