Morals or Ethics

A New Beginning by Ari Rose is a short prequel to the Jill Hunter Series. I got the prequel through Instafreebies. This was followed up

Watch Out For Spider

Kind Nepenthe by Mathew V. Brockmeyer lives up to the claims on its cover in every way. This tale is dark, macabre, terrifying, and suspenseful.

Sugar Coated Medicine

In the preface to his book Forbidden Beginnings: Jacqueline’s Tragedy, author William Rubin explains that this stand-alone novel delivers the back story of Chris Ravello,

Unusual, but with a Gracious Ending

The Cupboard by Charles Harris is a collection of seven unusual stories. That is what is stated on the cover so as I go through

Everybody Lies

The Rand Hotel by William Burleson is a 49-page short story primarily about the history of a relationship between a father and his son. During

My Comments On: Culling my lengthy TBR list – second attempt

This is a sad and anxiety producing post about a book junkie who has created a list of too many TBR novels. Sad because I

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