Take Your Time

Just a quick check in to the blog with a scary short story:

Lucky Number Seven                         by EelKat

This is a short flash fiction that will scare those that believe in numerology or any of its variant forms. Gary did not plan to have six (6) as his lucky number, it was just a number that ruled his life. He woke up at 6, rode the number six bus, and pretty much did everything six times. Until the day he woke up at seven minutes before 7. The entire day changed as a result. It was pretty much a change for the better for Gary, not so much for anyone associated with him. Time, as expressed by numbers was good for Gary. Until Gary tried to use (control) time. The problem is, time marches on; Gary did not.

It does not take much time to read. Grab a sandwich and a cup of coffee, read the story, and do not try to count the minutes used to read the tale.

A Note on Reading Resources

As an English language teacher I am always seeking to make learning English less of a chore, in other words, more fun. I downplay the teaching of grammar. It has a place, a minimal knowledge of it is necessary for workplace competence. But irregular verb constructions will never be fun. Obsessive preoccupation with the correct preposition to use will not get you invited to parties. Talking about the latest book you read, or heard (audiobooks), or the latest film you saw when you had to read the subtitles might make you a center of attention. Reading in film is not reserved for foreign films only. Think of the film Unfriended. Your presence at parties, especially when you demonstrate your clever, glib self while expressing your viewpoints, will be your reward for reading. Unless your expressiveness repeatedly ends in bar fights. Then you should direct your reading to books on developing social skills.

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Pay Attention to the Kids

The reading for 02 May 2016 is Off Season by Jack Ketchum. I am reading it in the Kindle ebook version. From my past reading of Ketchum, I expect to be entertained, as in shocked. His work can push the boundaries of terror and horror; those with a weak stomach have been warned.

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There is a Lot of Noise Out There

The downside of of the information/internet age is the mass of information available. Some of it is valuable. Skilled technology users sometimes appear as librarian nerds. Content? They do not know any, but they are adept at keywords and searching for stuff. As a Reader, I want to be entertained. (Selfish, huh?) Finding entertaining stuff is difficult. For today, I would like to recommend a work One Hundred Days of Noise by Katherine Hayton.

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