Twisted Palahniuk Selected Stories, Some NSFW

OK, the tales are twisted, but not really NSFW. Videos might be NSFW, so might pictures. (My Kindle epub has no pictures). Generally speaking, if you are reading some of these stories at work, you won’t get busted. Just don’t read them on a “parents take their kids to work day.” If you do, don’t let your kids read over your shoulder.

Burnt Tongues is a collection of short stories edited by Chuck Palahniuk. Note the subtitle: An Anthology of Transgressive Stories. To get an idea of what transgressive as a genre is, I refer to the dictionary that comes with the Amazon Kindle Application for PC under special usage:

of or relating to fiction, cinematography, or art in which orthodox cultural, moral, and artistic boundaries are challenged by the representation of unconventional behavior and the use of experimental forms.

This is a qualified definition, meaning a writer in this genre can use other phrases, such as minimalist or grotesque. The editors of this volume explain this in their forward. In The Power of Persisting: An Introduction, Chuck Palahniuk adds thoughts on how this genre came to be so unconventional. His introduction will soften the blow for unprepared readers.

That’s about as much warning as I can give.

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You Have Got to be Kidding Me.

This publication Serial Killers, by Robert Lean is offered as a collection of short stories. The subtitle Top 10 Aggressive Serial Killers on the Planet, Based on True Crime Stories leads us to believe we will read several stories. The table of contents lists four chapters, so it seems we will be doubling up here a bit. The subtitle does say “on the planet,” so I guess we are supposed to excuse the situation where in chapter four, the killers are actually extraterrestrials responding to orders from some headquarters on another planet.

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Legal Corruption

An Innocent Client by Scott Pratt is available as a Kindle unlimited selection.

All Joe Dillard wanted was to have one innocent client before he got out of the lawyer business. He planned to get out one way or another by the following year, but he wanted to end his legal career on a high note. He had been disappointed many times in his legal career. He believed that everyone deserved a good defense and he maintained the fiction that his clients were innocent. At least until he met Billy Dockery. Dillard got his client acquitted. A few months later Dockery gave him a large sum of money as a bonus; the money he stole from the woman he killed. Confidence in the system began to erode for Dillard. His faith in his profession continued to be shaken by the quality of cases he was assigned by several justices; those who hated Joe and loved to give him dodgy cases.

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Mind and Body; Abstract and Reality

This is a collection of short stories. Mind and Body by Lucas Carpenter is a book I received from the Library Thing Early Reviewer Program in return for a review. The first three stories possess their own appeal; there is not much of a link to what follows. But starting with PERIMETER look for the linking devices of Stafford College and a character name Rutledge. It will be fun.

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Violence and War in Lesser Developing Countries

This is a collection of short stories that I received from the Library Thing Early Reviewer Program in exchange for a review. The book is Dangerous Obsessions by Bob Van Laerhoven. My comments are about each story. Some of them are translations; some were written in English by the author.

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Living with the Loss of Alzheimer’s

Many stories start out with a setting of a protagonist in a dysfunctional family. This novel reverses the trend. In The Worst My Life, So Far, by M. A. Harper, the core of this family, the mother and father, are completely in love. Neither parent is cheating on the other. If there is any problem at all, hinted at in the beginning of the story, it is that the mother is slavishly devoted to the husband. He is her hobby. But that is OK, mom has his total support as well. So the children shouldn’t really have any problems. Not so.

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Don’t Touch Miriam

Blackbirds is a Chuck Wendig book. It should probably come with a warning. Strong language, weird sexual language, and situations which will offend everyone at some point or the other. Despite that, books as fast paced as this are why the audiobook format is a great medium. Wendig’s books are so fast paced a reader can miss some really great, subtle stuff. A reader can’t miss points with an audiobook. The reader is automatically paced by the narrator, especially when the narrator is as good as Emily Beresford. You can’t get ahead of the narrator; you can cheat and rewind when you realize you have heard a clever phrase and want to reconsider it. With a print or eBook, successive good points don’t release their grip and the reader can miss great turns of phrase.

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