A Picture is Worth … (AK)

Dark City by Catherine Lee is a free book I received through the author’s website. There was no monetary incentive given to write this review

The Way You Intend

Check out this blog. The 16 year old writer expresses his feelings on a variety of topics. Those writers wealthy beyond imagination will find his

Who is #1001?

Girl From Above by Pippa DaCosta is a complex well-written science fiction fantasy about relationships between humans and “synths” (synthetic humans). There is space exploration,

How NOT to Publish a Novel

CIA Assassin and Other Stories by Benson Grayson is an incredibly poorly prepared book to appear in a Kindle edition. It is sold on Amazon

Vote for Mayor Caster

In Devil’s Briar by Amy Cross the reader meets Bill and Paula, a husband and wife team, as they are driving around in a deserted

How Can You Keep Them Down on the Farm …

Oklahoma Exile by Norma Jean Lutz is the story of a City Girl forced by events to adapt to the life of a Country Girl.

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