Who Is The Villain?

For those interested in end of the world scenarios and depictions of man’s cruelty to man when personal survival is at stake, this one is for you. There is absolutely no sex. That is because everyone is focused on food. They are too tired for sex. And also everyone smells bad, so unless that is your fetish you are out of luck. But there is cannibalism. And even drinking of human blood by people who have no desire to become vampires. They just ran out of water. So all is not lost for those with twisted minds.

CyberStorm                            by  Matthew Mather

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Montezuma’s Other Revenge

A very, very, short story:

Montezuma’s Other Revenge                                    by J. Paul Drew

This is a very short story, maybe a ten minute read. There are various clever levels of humor that make it worthwhile, beginning with the title. What is Montezuma’s revenge (the original) and why was this take-off chosen as a title?

McDonald is a writer and many other things. He is better at all other things than he is at being a writer. When his good friend Booker asks for help to recover artwork stolen from Booker, McDonald jumps into his private investigator role. Booker himself is a burglar, calling police is a non-starter; it amused McDonald that the burglar had gotten burgled but if his help produced income, McDonald was in.

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Don’t Play in the Sand

Shifting Sands                                                by Wendy C Allen  (EelKat)

Per the author, this is one in a series of short tales designed to be read in fifteen minutes to half an hour, a short break in a busy today. The series is called “Twisted Tales” and other tales I have read were twisted throughout their presentation. This one has a slow build-up to a rather surprising ending. There are subtle hints as to what might happen, but the final scene explodes away from the build-up.

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Humor, Erotica, and a Mystery

I received this book through the Library Thing Member Giveaway Program in return for a review. This is one of those “Guess the genre” books. There is explicit language in the book, but absent in this review.

Peeper                                     by SJ Smith

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Who Died at Jack’s House?

Here is a fun read. Sort of a murder mystery. Sort of an identity problem involving lots of clones. No, not “clowns.” That would be a political thriller. Really, it is clones that we are looking for here.

All Of Us Were Sophie                      by Resa Nelson

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Not One of Your Usual Classics

Reading classical literature is fun, except when it is not, because it was assigned as homework. If you have ever been assigned to read King Lear, read this for a laugh. Think of it as revenge against all of your English teachers.

Uncensored and uncut could be a leader for this book. It would attract the less socially conforming reader. Not a fair leader, but it attracts attention.

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It’s A Long and Winding Road

The Girl With Two Names                                      Gerard O’Neill

This  might be described as a romantic, mystery, young adult book. Romance is not the genre I usually read but limiting reading to what I always like to read does not develop vocabulary or thought. So… on to a somewhat negative review.

I received this book in return for a review.

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