This page will detail the Engish Language Services I can offer to local (Malang, Indonesia) students, adults, and business persons. I have taught English for over thirty years in universities and internationally franchised language schools. I have an MA in TESOL. Despite having been born in Germany, I am considered a native English speaker. MA translated to Indonesian is S2. TESOL is Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages.  This page provides an introduction to services. Separate pages will list specifics as they pertain to Proofreading and Copy Editing services.

I can assist writers in making their English look closer and more equivalent to English language writing of a  native English language writer from the USA. I can also offer assistance to those desiring to publish articles in western publications.

Applying for entrance to US universities can be a daunting, time-consuming experience. There are many financial assistance programs for international students. International students might easily overlook opportunities when trudging through the administrative paperwork swamp that can easily take a year to traverse. I have done this a few times and have been able to help others with meeting US university administration requirements.

I am available for private tutoring for specific purposes. As an example, I taught a course for medical doctors in Thailand who were studying for exams to get US medical board certified so they could practice medicine in the US. I taught two forty-hour courses about interview skills necessary for mid-level managers who wanted to pass headhunter interviews for higher positions.

Please look at my Contact page for details about how to contact me.