Susan Knows

Playing Flashlight Tag by Jay Lemming is a very short story (19 pages) about developing relationships in a group of approximately thirteen-year-old boys. That is the way it started. There was a core group of boys from families that had lived in the neighborhood for several years. Billy, Andrew, and Joey formed this group. They eventually invited Tommy, a new arrival the previous year. They played Flashlight Tag in neighborhood yards every evening they could. One night a ghostly figure appeared to scare Billy but was only Sean, a class troublemaker, wearing a sheet. When the five boys were joined by a girl new to the neighborhood, Susan, this becomes a story of developing relationships and petty jealousies.

Senior Woes

Whether you agreed with it or not, in the US a mandatory program called Obama care or the Affordable Health Care Act landed on the US population and gave us another example of chaos in planning. Then the Destroyer in Chief ascended with a mission to erase any program initiated and signed with the initial “O.” The end result is … no end. We are left with a percolating puddle of porridge that nourishes no one. In the rush to the benefit table, slower ones lose out; the very young, the very old, those with pre-existing conditions. My submission for this week’s Twittering Tale concerns one of those groups.

Twenty-four bloggers/writers contributed to last week’s tale. Kat collected them in her round-up post. Go to her site to read some interesting posts provoked by the picture of a (possible) well. From the round up you can also follow links to interesting blogs. As with last week, I reposted Kat’s instructions, her picture prompt, and her submission. I followed all of that with my post.

Join in, have fun, discover interesting blogs.