Darkness in Everyday Things

Tiny Shoes Dancing by Audrey Kalman is a collection of twenty short stories. Kalman selects significant elements from primarily insignificant lives, the lives that don’t get a mention in the supermarket tabloids. Short stories are great; they fill time and are portable. There is no guilt in not completing them because you can always put off the pesky routine tasks which you know you have to do … right after you finish the short story you are reading. The stories in this collection are great because they make the reader feel important. We have all had some variation on these normal, everyday challenges. Well, most of them. There are some tales which are weird.

Haunted Malls

Tavistock Galleria is a collection of fourteen short horror stories by multiple authors. Their origin is “America’s Retail Wasteland.” (cover blurb). The stories are best read in order because of connecting threads that can pop up without warning that will tie a story to the one which came before. Or maybe two stories before. But let’s say you are familiar with some of the authors and want to skip to their contribution first. OK, it’s allowed; all stories can stand alone except the last one, The End of Tavistock. The last story won’t make sense without references found in all other stories.

School Daze

This publication (I don’t know what else to call it) is a collection of excerpts describing how teachers might write descriptions of student conduct and behavior if they could write what they really thought. This is not a novel, the excerpts segue into each other, but the connections are well concealed and impossible to appreciate unless the entire short collection is read. Connections will become apparent on reflection. There is no plot, the characters, the described students do not participate. There is no conclusion or climactic moral announcement. The collection is hilarious.

Family Matters

Thornaby Accident & other Dark Teesside stories by Glenn McGoldrick is a 33-page collection of three short stories published in 2018.

The Synopsis

Darling Wife               Preparation is everything and the reader might give Phil a lot of credit for the care he took in providing for Jess. But there are unanswered questions. Where exactly is Jess in the present time? And there is something about birds. They seem to remember where they left things. Will Phil be equally diligent at remembering where he placed valuables? Readers should feel free to interpret the ending to fit their own preference for a lifestyle.

Bubbles Everywhere

Picture Credit to Ajale on Pixabay

Shades by Arthur Slade is a collection of horror (“Tales of Fear and Wonder”) short stories published in 2011. The 106-page collection of 16 stories is sold on Kindle for a price of USD 0.00. This is not a Kindle Unlimited publication. I comment on each story below but recommend readers start by reading Bubbles.