Don’t Believe the Video, Believe What I Say

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Shot to Pieces by Michael O’Keefe is a 414-page police procedural fiction novel I purchased on Amazon after I received an author alert about its availability. As a former law enforcement type, I like novels written by former cops such as O’Keefe. His career was much longer than mine and covered many parts of the job that I only heard about. That was only one difference. My experience was in California, he was in New York. Unless making observations at the federal level, which O’Keefe does, there is not a standardized set of terminology and procedures throughout the United States. There is a standard of training, known as POST (Police Officer’s Standards and Training) that is a goal of police academies but upon graduation, rookies are assigned to training officers where academy training is tweaked to the demands of municipalities and regions. All of this is to note that I learned things from this book.