English Use and Abuse

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

Eats, Shites, and Leaves by Michael O’Mara is a parody about the way English is used and misused. A subtitle of Crap English and How to Use It assures me that I will have fun reading it. This can’t be reviewed as I do many novels because it more resembles a collection of lists. A trendy modern term which some online publications and blogs use is “listicle.” I actively avoid listicles. It is as if authors of listicles are publishing their mind maps and it is the reader (me) who must connect the dots. This parody is not a collection of mind maps. O’Mara provides short introductions to sections and explains the origins of words and phrases in the section while adding personal observations.

Boots Not Made For Walking

Supply and Demand by Cheynne Edmonstony is a short horror story with a unique interpretation of the economic theory of supply and demand. It is a story of debt collectors and their methods of the collection set in an unspecified time, probably in 1800(s) England. Readers will get the impression that debt collecting was a common occupation that supported small groups of uneducated thugs and hoodlums who, although uneducated formally, possessed a kind of street cunning that led to success in recovering amounts owed when interviewing selected targets. This 49-page story is worth reading because of the language used. I can only wonder at the amount of research Edmonstony must have done to produce the impression of language period authenticity this tale does.