Twisted Drinks

Coke With A Twist by A. W. Hartoin is a 45-page short story about an assistant to a private investigator. Why Mercy is helping her

Don’t Mess With Carly

Walking On Her Grave by Melinda Leigh is a novel about a small town appropriately named Solitude set in sparsely populated Rogue County of Southwestern

Dark Secrets, Small Towns

At first glance, I had the impression that Bitter Roots by C. J. Carmichael was a Western fiction novel. It is not. This is a

Kill Game, Part Two of Three

In this second installment of Kill Game by Adam Nicholls and Jennifer May, we learn a bit more about Salem Ross. We knew in Part

Child Play

At only 81 pages, Kill Game Part 1 by Adam Nicholls and Jennifer May almost filled the downtime while I was waiting for visa processing

Daddy Does Not Know Best

There is a lot of death in The Death of Life by Pamela Crane. Most of it involves child abduction and human trafficking; this serves

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