A Moveable Feat

Wonder When You’ll Miss Me by Amanda Davis is a richly complex novel with at least three plot arcs. By definition, the arcs are not presented in a linear fashion. The reader is aware that Davis is uncovering all three plots at the same time. Elements of each plot march forth for reader examination at unexpected times. Each plot is complex and invites reader reflection. This means that the novel is not a fast read. As I mulled over each element of a plot and its relation to the entire story, the novel falls short of description as a page-turner. I was happy to read an entertaining story that is also intelligent. All plots deserve a five-star Amazon rating.


“It” is Not Important

Sepultura by Guy Portman is an adventure in writing for Portman. The author bends a lot of rules as far as the mechanics of English. The novel is an adventure in reading as the reader constantly tries to figure out who some of the characters are. In tandem with this, Portman makes liberal use of a street-level British vernacular. This novel offers much to the education of readers without knowledge of this language form. Main character Dyson Devereux is probably immoral and definitely amoral as he goes about justifying his killing of other characters who give him problems. The descriptions of the killings are graphic as are descriptions of sex scenes which are obviously power, not sexually, motivated.