Murderously Funny

Murder Feels Awful by Bill Alive is Book One of a series called An Empath Detective Mystery. This first novel has three distinct approaches to a story which make it different from a run of the mill mystery novel that the cover suggests. Yes, there is murder, the story starts with one murder followed by characters who start dropping like flies, literally, as in out of the sky. The second approach is the story of an empath, someone who can feel the experiences, both painful and pleasant of those around him. The third approach is a type of quirky humor demonstrated in the dialogue between two almost-detectives. The combination makes for a surprisingly good entertaining read. Why surprisingly? The cover suggests something different. It looks like a very conservative, dry mystery set in wartime England. This novel remained on my TBR shelf longer than necessary in favor of more interesting looking stuff to read. So I do judge a book by its cover. I recommend the author repackage the novel to make a more engaging presentation.