Eat at Dottie’s Diner

Following a review I posted yesterday of a 607-page novel, today I want to comment on a collection of flash fiction stories. Killer Space Clown

A Cautionary For Old People

This is a tale I wrote for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales for the round beginning 24 April. Each round lasts a week then Kat republishes

Just Say No to Old Angus

  Painkillers for Heartache is an 18-page quick read published by Bianca Pheasant in January 2018. It is the second short tale in the Dark


At fourteen pages Redcar Collector by Glenn McGoldrick might count as flash fiction. Starting out as an almost absurd account of an unlikely situation, this

Happy Birthday, Jason

Geoff thinks it’s time to celebrate his son’s birthday. It is Jason’s thirty-third birthday and it would be nice if he could share the cake

The Message Is In Your Hands

In Red Marks by Glenn McGoldrick the reader finds unemployed Michael not sure what he wants to do with his life. He must go to

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