Hugs Are for Kids

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Today I am Mad by Michael Gordon has this classification on its Amazon page: Anger Management, Kid’s Books, Baby, Childrens, Ages 3 5, Emotions. So why am I reading this? There are three reasons. I like to occasionally see what materials are available for learners just starting out. I am sure all of you do also. As I watch TV feel-good shows, parents show up to discuss the importance of teaching materials young people can access. What books can parents buy for their children that are appealing and deliver a positive social message? If you (any reader out there) are serious, said concerned person must dip their toes in the pool of available resources for young people. For me, that includes books. It is not enough to look only at book covers. You might think you can judge a book by its cover or even in the first few pages. If I had done that with this book, my review would have differed from the one you see printed here. Read the books you pontificate on. (I am a contrarian about ending sentences with a preposition). So much for reason one and I can comfortably descend from my soapbox rant about people who post reviews without reading the book.

Mothers Always Know Best

Some Books will encourage a click on the “Buy Now” button just because of its cover. Hello World: Meet Mother Rebecca by Rebecca Frost Cuevas is one of those. If the Victorian headdress and great smile don’t get you, the subtitle The autobiography of a fictional Victorian know-it-all might be enough to clinch the sale.

Stay Selfish, Say No Often, Stay Foolish, Be Mediocre, Prioritise The Beautiful People, Have Enemies, ,

This is one of my latest  blog discoveries. Immediately fell in love with this excellently presented philosophy. The title of…