58 Horror Short Stories, Something to Offend Everyone

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash Other than the obviously provocative title of 50 Shades of Purple and Other Horror Stories by P. F. McGrail,

Pizza Toppings and Murder

Side Hustle by A.J. Lape has the confusing subtitle “Season 1, Episode 1.” I am reading a book on Kindle wondering how this would play

Celebrities and Cons

It is 1961 in the world of Leroy and Kate as Duane Lindsay describes the couple’s latest adventure in Scotch Before Breakfast, Pearls Before Swine.

Bullwinkle Reflects

This is short story number four in the Meantime Stories series by Svingen and Pedersen. What does the series title Meantime Stories refer to? In

Grifting for Social Justice

By its title, The Grifter’s Daughter by Duane Lindsay implies that I will discover some cool relationship between the daughter, Dani, and the father, Pops

Spy or Photographer?

If The Bed Falls In is a 320-page psychological thriller by Paul Casselle. It is difficult to know how interesting the cover and title are

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