Pizza Toppings and Murder

Side Hustle by A.J. Lape has the confusing subtitle “Season 1, Episode 1.” I am reading a book on Kindle wondering how this would play out as a television series. Throughout the reading experience, I imagine who might play Darcy. Her physical descriptions of the creepy people she met were well done and provoked instant images of eccentric, crazy, weird, and perverted characters. As an example: “I knocked on his door with my elbow, dodging raindrops the size of butterflies. After a six-beat, Packer creaked his door wide, clad in pink women’s underwear and wearing a neon-green wig that hit him at the thigh. Packer was tall and thin with a mesh infinity scarf wound around his neck and an overbite that looked Cro-Magnon. Flipping his hair around like Cher, he flashed me a hairy butt cheek complements of a G-string that was along the scale of a shoe string. In Cincinnati, he would’ve been dragged in for public indecency. In LA, it was par for the course.” (Kindle locations 52-56).