Meme Madness

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

Know What I Meme? by Marc Richard answered a lot of my questions about what a meme is. “Meme” is a trendy word. It is used by lots of folks and I don’t care because I am a contrarian as far as trends go. I know one when I see it and I refused to look the “word?” up. I could never vocalize the sound, so I made up my own pronunciation. If others around me pronounced the four-letter slippery character in a way different from me, I felt sorry for their ignorance. It was easy for me to capture the moral high ground if I simply bombarded others with questions about what, exactly, this abomination was. And how does one pronounce it? Since I never found anyone who could give me a clear explanation, I maintained that my ignorance was superior to their ignorance. And then along came Marc Richard to give me many examples ending with the question, Know What I Meme? I felt sheepish as I answered in the affirmative. (I lied).