Don’t Believe the Video, Believe What I Say

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash Shot to Pieces by Michael O’Keefe is a 414-page police procedural fiction novel I purchased on Amazon after I

Lawyers as Criminals

Lethal Lawyers is described by author Dale E. Manolakas as a legal thriller and that is a true claim but much more so for aspiring

Simone is Ahead

Photo by Wes Powers on Unsplash Tagged, You’re It is a novelette by Jamie Lee Scott which she labels as A Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery.

Murderously Funny

Murder Feels Awful by Bill Alive is Book One of a series called An Empath Detective Mystery. This first novel has three distinct approaches to

Who Has Baby Cassandra?

She’s Gone! is a 168- page novel by Lorena May about the guilt and doubt of a mother surrounding the disappearance of her daughter, Cassandra.

Dark Secrets, Small Towns

At first glance, I had the impression that Bitter Roots by C. J. Carmichael was a Western fiction novel. It is not. This is a

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