Of Horror and Humanity

The Ones Who Never Came Back by R. C. Bowman is a collection of twenty-five short horror stories and novellas. I like to comment on

Unlucky Lindsey

Missing on Date Night by Michael Ace Smith is a forty-five-page crime story. I received an email from the author with several attached PDF files

Alaskan Crimes

A Story of Betrayal by Michael Ace Smith is a 92-page story of, just like the title indicates, a betrayal. Ben Churchinoff is a Captain,

Fathers Don’t Forget

Full Circle by Michael Ace Smith moves away from Alaska, a scene in earlier Smith novellas, to Alabama and Hawaii. Detective Ralph Houston has achieved

Simone is Ahead

Photo by Wes Powers on Unsplash Tagged, You’re It is a novelette by Jamie Lee Scott which she labels as A Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery.

Dead Jealous

Crime: Murder in a Small Town by Michael Ace Smith takes place in a small town in Yorkshire, England. It must be scary to live

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