Very Simulating Reading

Image by Michael-T on Pixabay

Filling a long-standing blank space in literature, Book Simulator by Chris Yee has finally landed. At long last Faux readers will be able to follow a well-crafted training plan that will allow them to fake out their more erudite well-read brethren. BookSi gives the impression that Faux readers are reading when in fact they are visualizing cashews on trolleys (Kindle location 118). This book has already made an impact at the highest levels of government. It is a coffee table book in most apartments at Swamp Towers.

Writing a Memoir

I received this book through Booksprout as an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) in exchange for a review. I received no compensation other than the fun of reading the book. This was a challenging book to read for two main reasons. The style of writing in which the story was written made it occasionally difficult to determine which character was dominant and presenting a point of view. The second difficulty might be due to the format of an ARC. There are distracting spelling irregularities and clumsy phrasing such as “Could have they come all the way here …” (Kindle locations 1814-1815). While I do not consider the phrase wrong, it reads like an outdated, formal style. I don’t know whether changes are planned before final publication but I feel this novel should go through one more examination by a copy editor. Otherwise, it reads as if it were written by an accomplished writer whose second language is English.