Mothers Always Know Best

Some Books will encourage a click on the “Buy Now” button just because of its cover. Hello World: Meet Mother Rebecca by Rebecca Frost Cuevas is one of those. If the Victorian headdress and great smile don’t get you, the subtitle The autobiography of a fictional Victorian know-it-all might be enough to clinch the sale.


Barefoot Is Best

Foot Ways by Lynn Veach Sadler is an 84-page novella full of “down home” country wisdom that rationalizes strange occurrences…

Equalizing Daisy

Drunken Angel by Charles Stoll is an adventure in language reading from the beginning of the novel. Chapter One presents the reader with a mystery. There is an old man in a senior citizen care center who is either about to die a natural death or possibly be murdered. With one close and very unhappy relative in attendance, the chapter concludes as readers meet Protagonist Daisy Pearlman. She makes the briefest of appearances in Chapter One but with Chapter Two, “Age 7,” the novel is all about Daisy and her evolution from a naturist, humanist philosopher to a sort of superhero righting wrongs and, finally, back to a philosopher.