All Hell the Orange in Chief

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All the banners below are safe enough for work (SEFW) and should offend none except the hardcore base. You know who you are. I mean the hardcore political base not the other hardcore sites which occupy a majority of the internet. I’m sure any similarity between the two is unintentional.

Just Don’t Say T …

Almost hate to do this because, by the example reblogged here, I’m doing what I promised myself not to do.…

Social Media and Politics

It is very easy to get caught up in Open Primary by A. C. Fuller because there are so many types of stories in one well-crafted package. Subtitled as Ameritocracy, Book 1, there is a story of relationships; one of daughter and father, and one of Mia and possible romantic interest. There is a woman-makes-good story, as Mia develops a groundbreaking social media application. This is a technology thriller as clever computer geeks subvert the intention of Mia’s efforts … and Mia fights back. Readers will find a political thriller as a third party attempts to challenge the Democratic and Republican establishments. Remember Ross Perot? Finally, this is a collection of character studies as several candidates are vying for first place in a hypothetical run to replace the current POTUS.

I received a copy of this book from the Library Thing Early Reviewer Program in return for a review.

The Fight for Freedom          by Marcus Ferrar

Non-fiction is also great and becomes more interesting when events somewhat familiar to the reader are examined. This book is up to date enough to note opening of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.

Which does not mean that just because something is non-fiction that it is good or credible. If I had not accepted a copy of this book in return for a review, I would have abandoned it half way though….at the latest.