Sample Chapter Alert

Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash The Unknown by Martha Henley is the first story in a series of suspicious tales and psychological shorts with

Mirror, Mirror …

In Reflections, a horror short story by Cindy Carroll, five friends go on a road trip by just jumping into Brody’s car and driving. Who

Relative Fears

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash The Borga by Renee Wakefield is Book 1 in a planned Charlatan series. I received it through the author’s website

Of Horror and Humanity

The Ones Who Never Came Back by R. C. Bowman is a collection of twenty-five short horror stories and novellas. I like to comment on

Simone is Ahead

Photo by Wes Powers on Unsplash Tagged, You’re It is a novelette by Jamie Lee Scott which she labels as A Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery.

Police Rookies: Don’t Try This At Home

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash Monday’s Child is a novella or short story (653 Kindle locations) published in 2014 by Jamie Lee Scott. This

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